Need to get away without getting COVID? Try a submarine

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NEWS – Do you find yourself spending a lot of time at home?  Do you wish you could get away and totally avoid the risk of catching COVID?  Maybe you consider getting your own submarine.  Yes, you can buy your own sub!  The Nemo is personal, 2-man submersible that can dive down to 330 feet.  It’s about the size of two jetskis, so you can put it on a trailer and haul it behind your truck.  Its batteries last up to 8 hours, plenty of time for a great dive, and its top speed is around 3 knots.  The Nemo can be controlled with a joystick that looks like it belongs on an Xbox.  What really makes it interesting is that the Nemo is series-produced; that is, they are not custom-ordered.  This is what keeps the price down to a cool $1.1M.  Whoops!  Did that just put the Nemo out of your price range?  Me, too.  It’s actually intended for owners of mega-yachts who are looking for extra adventure while sailing around the world.  Still, if you’re interested, take a look at their order page.

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    1. That is such an excellent idea!! Julie, can you make this happen, please? If you can, free ride for Chris!

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