Since when did luxury toasters become a thing?

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NEWS – During one of my daily gadget surf sessions, I happened to see this toaster on Amazon and it made me scratch my head and wonder why toasters are becoming kitchen status symbols. That’s right, forget about having the latest and greatest smartphone Gadgeteers, a shiny new toaster is the device you need to make your friends jealous.

We’ve recently featured the IKICH Long Slot Toaster and the Wolf Gourmet 2 Slice Toaster. The IKICH is about $50 on Amazon and the Wolf Gourmet is a staggering $333 on Amazon. Wait, what?! Yep, it’s true. And now there’s another toaster in that same price range that I want to show you. It’s the Revolution Cooking R180 smart toaster for $269 on Amazon. Why is it smart? It features the InstaGlo heating system which promises goes to full heat in only 2 seconds. It also has a touchscreen controller on the front that replaces old fashioned browning level knobs and doubles as a clock when the toaster is not in use.

But $270? Really? I just don’t get it. I still have the same 4 slot toaster that I bought for my first house back in the late 80’s! I bet I spent less than $20 for it.

The only way I would ever spend that kind of money on a so-called “smart” toaster is if it had a camera inside that would let me see the toasting in action because I never trust the settings on a toaster to be accurate.

What about you, does the Revolution Cooking R180 smart toaster trip your gadget trigger? If so, head over to Amazon and check it out. Don’t forget to order some bagels while you’re there too.

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17 thoughts on “Since when did luxury toasters become a thing?”

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  2. When the toaster display can handle spreadsheets, calendar, documents and Netflix, then maybe, at that price. 🙂

  3. You mentioned having a camera inside that could display the toasting in action. If ever there was a toaster that could do that, you’d think it’d be one with a full-blown screen on the front like THIS one! Maybe next year’s model 🙂

  4. Boss: Why are you late for work
    Me: Sorry I had to make toast before I left
    Boss: You are 3 hours late! Making toast would take you 2 minutes tops.
    Me: Sorry, I had to wait for an OS update to finish before using my toaster, then I accidentally set the language to Mandarin, and had to spend 45 minutes on hold with tech support. Finally they they walked me through a factory reset and I was able to make my toast. Unfortunately while I was on hold my dog ate the bread.

    1. You forgot to add that in the middle of all that, you got the blue screen of death and had to start all over several times. Or maybe you forgot your toaster password and had to reset it. LOL!!!

  5. Think of it like this. If this toaster lasts as well as your present one it will have cost less than 3 cents a day. That’s not a lot if it gives you faster and better toast.

  6. Apple should give this a shot.

    The iToast-ER would look amazing, cost $1000, use a proprietary power cable and would only work with bread from the Apple store.

    Of course, it would run on iT-OS.

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