Think resistance bands are simple? HYGEAR Gear 1 will change your mind

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NEWS – Last fall when we had to move out of our house for a remodel, I wasn’t able to take my Total Gym with me for my daily workouts. Instead, I took a set of resistance bands and still use them from time to time in my workout sessions when I need to change things up.

Most resistance band sets include a variety of bands of different resistance/weights, a pair of handles, and a door anchor. Simple right? Right. But you won’t think simple when you take a look at the new Gear 1 set of resistance bands from HYGEAR.

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The Gear 1 fitness system includes a pair of handles, ankle straps, wrist straps, and a set of bands that you can customize from 2lbs up to 22lbs of resistance. But that’s not the best part. The bands have built-in sensors that work with the HYGEAR app to count your reps, track more than 20 points of data during a single workout.

With this fitness gear and the HYGEAR app, you can perform a variety of workouts, from core strengthening exercises, full-body workouts, to high-energy HIIT programs that have been created by specialized trainers and organized into three distinct difficulty levels that can help you achieve your fitness goals. And, when you’re done working out, you can put it in a drawer and you can take it with you when you travel. Priced at $279, the HYGEAR system is available now at

8 thoughts on “Think resistance bands are simple? HYGEAR Gear 1 will change your mind”

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  2. I don’t typically leave reviews, but Hyfit is a terrible company. After giving them the strong benefit of the doubt, they seemed to take pleasure in providing a painful customer experience. After not communicating at all about a significant delay (multiple weeks) in shipping an order that was listed as “in stock”, they would not simply cover a return. It’s not surprising that this company is not doing well. If you value even the most basic customer service, go with one of the much better alternatives.

  3. The app doesn’t work at all. It kicks me out immediately – just back to my home screen. I have asked to return it and have been given the run around.

  4. I ordered the Gear 1 for my husband when covid started because he was so upset that the gym closed. I think it was the best gift I ever got him he LOVES it. I started using it too and it’s great cause with the app we each have our own login and do our own workout I’m seriously considering getting another one so we can actually workout together

  5. I ordered the Gear 1 when i realized my gym wasn’t going to open any time soon. It was such a great purchase I got it 5 days after ordering so the shipment was not an issue at all. I love that the app has programs to follow I just finished strength which is a 21day program the exercises are very similar to that of a cable machine which is super functional. totally recommend

  6. Gear 1 is such a fantastic substitute for the gym I get all my strength done with it I don’t even think I’ll need to return to the gym when it reopens

  7. This looks really cool, I can totally see a bunch of cable exercises done with this which is by far one of the most popular gym machines because it offers a huge variety of possible exercises.

  8. Resistance bands and TRX have been my go-to workout for a couple years now, but after receiving Gear 1 as a gift, it has nearly completely taken over my workout routine. I am able to hit every muscle with this single set of resistance bands. I absolutely love the workouts on the app, which are seamlessly connected to the bluetooth sensors on the bands. I’ll probably surprise my brother with a set, and would definitely recommend Gear 1.

  9. Stay away from this brand! They have different sales pages on their site with different prices and if you end up paying for the wrong $200 product they will not refund the subscription. The bands themself cost about $40-75 and will force you to pay for the subscription if you realize you can buy the bands without the subscription. I did this on accident, and have been asking for a refund for over 2 months now on the subscription so that I only have to pay for the bands and they just keep stringing you along until 60 days passes when you can no longer get a refund from your bank. I have +20 emails and chats of people from this company that do not want to help.

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