NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband de-stress device review

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NeoRhythm 1
REVIEW – Over the past couple of years, I have been able to test and review a few types of devices that claim to enhance sleep quality, relaxation quality, etc, With the exception of one sleep device that I use, the rest, in my opinion, have been complete and utter failures and yet carry pretty hefty price tags. Now I have the opportunity to test the NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband. Let’s see how this turns out!!

What is it?

The NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband is designed to adjust its brainwaves to match external stimuli. The goal is to encourage your brain to work at specific frequencies that match your preferred state of mind. It can help the user to de-stress, focus, energize your body, sleep & meditate better, and may help you to live well with chronic or acute pain.

What’s in the box

NeoRhythm 2
1 x NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband
1 x Charging Dock
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Test Tube
1 x NeoRhythm Bag
1 x Adjustment Kit
1 x Hard Reset Tool

Design and features

NeoRhythm 19
The headband and dock are made of plastic. The Headband has a USB micro charging port and a LED status indicator. The Micro USB cable sits in the charging dock so that it works as a stand as well.
NeoRhythm 3
NeoRhythm 4
NeoRhythm 5


Out of the box, this device looks sleek and in some ways somewhat futuristic. It plus into the charging dock/stand easily and looks attractive as it stands and is charged. Once charged, the next step is to download the NeoRythm app and register an account and then start using it. The inside surface of the device is padded and it feels comfortable when wearing it. Additional pads are included to adjust the fit accordingly.
NeoRhythm 6The device can be worn in multiple positions on your head, with each position geared towards impacting a specific personal characteristic.  The following is the short promo video from the manufacturer explaining the intention:


Once you have installed the app and registered, you are ready to go by touching the Connect button on the screen and tapping the device twice. The app will confirm when the device is connected. You then use the app to choose the stimulation program and position the device on your head in the instructed position.
NeoRhythm 7
NeoRhythm 10Since insomnia is a major issue for me, I decided that my first focus would be the Improve Sleep function. I proceeded to use both the 20-minute program with the device placed towards the back of my head and then the up to the 8-hour program with the device placed under my pillow.
NeoRhythm 8
NeoRhythm 17The following is a sample of additional screens from the app:

While I did focus a lot of my attention on the “Improve Sleep” function, I also tried the other functions as well. My problem was always the headache I experienced after using it irrespective of the program that I selected. I must stress the point that this device may work very well for others and I am likely in a category of people that experience adverse effects. My thoughts about the sleep function are inconclusive as they are for all of the other stimulation functions of this device.

What I like

  • The build quality
  • The sleek design
  • The simplicity of use including the touch capability
  • The battery life (Assuming that the app is reporting it correctly)

What I’d change

  • This device is still a bit of a mystery since it is likely not a match for me.

Final thoughts

For many years I have kept up a hectic pace for 6 out of 7 days weekly, and many days I struggle because of constant insomnia. As a result, I was very excited about testing this NeoRythm device with the hope that it would help in many ways via the many stimulation programs described including sleep. After testing it for a while, my opinion is inconclusive. I started the testing with the Sleep mode and the only effect I can link to the device is the headaches I that experience each of the several times I tried it in the 8-hour under the pillow sleep program. I did try the other programs and I experienced headaches after each use. I want to be very careful in explaining my experience because it is very possible that this device may be amazing for many people, but just not for me.

Price: $309
Where to buy: Omnipemf website
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Omnipemf.

8 thoughts on “NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband de-stress device review”

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  2. Donald Schoengold

    If the people who have convinced people to buy this high tech fraud really believe in this device, it would be interesting to test it w a double blind study. Prepare devices that are stock and another set of devices that buzz and beep but have no electronics inside them. I will bet that there will be no difference between the active device and the placebo. Just another piece of high tech witchcraft.

  3. Neorhythm should have done those studies. I bought the device for chronic pain and it is more money wasted on high tech purportedly effective wellness devices. Just doesn’t work.

    1. Steve, thank you for your honest opinion. I suffer from chronic pain associated with CRPS and Lupus and have had insomnia all my life. The desperation of pain makes us easy targets for a miracle cure. I’m glad I read this before forking out more money that I can’t afford to lose.

  4. What is the device you mentioned that you use for insomnia?

    ” With the exception of one sleep device that I use, the rest, in my opinion, have been complete and utter failures”

  5. This device did nothing for my sleep. It says to tap twice to turn it on. You must tap it dozens of times to turn it on.

    To penetrate human tissue one inch it takes a magnetic field of >700 gauss. This puts out only 25. I don’t see how it can have any effect.

    To return it one must pay $235 dollars in shipping fees.

  6. DO NOT BUY!!!! It doesn’t work! We reached out multiple times before they would even give us a refund address. They’re refund addresses is in Slovenia and cost over $80 to return! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

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