Go Hang It all-in-one picture hanging & leveling tool review – Hang pictures with fewer cuss words and tears

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REVIEW – We recently did a complete remodel of the upper level of our house, but even though it’s been done for several months, we have yet to hang any artwork back on the walls. Why? We’re mainly afraid that we’ll make a mistake getting multiple framed art pieces to line up. That’s where a kit like the Go Hang It comes in handy. It’s an all-in-one picture hanging and leveling tool that doesn’t require that you measure anything. Let’s try it out!

What is it?

The Go Hang It PRO kit is a picture hanging and leveling tool that comes with all the hardware and fasteners that you need to hang framed photos on your walls.

What’s in the box?

  • Go Hang It level
  • MagnaKeys nail hole markers
  • 85 piece hardware (nails, wire, brackets, etc)
  • Instructions

Design and features

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The Go Hang It kit has two parts. There’s the hanging and leveling tool (blue) on top and the parts container on the bottom. The cool part is that the two parts fasten together so that everything is contained in one handy set.

The hanging and leveling tool is designed to help you hang pictures that use a wire hanger and pictures that use notched hangers.

Using notched hangers

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The first step to hanging a photo with notched metal hangers is to attach the hanger(s) to the back of the picture. Although the Go Hang It claims that you don’t need to do need any measuring, I think it’s pretty important to line up the hangers on the back of the picture because duh.

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Once the hangers are attached to the frame of your picture, you can then remove the two magnetic keys from the hanging tool.

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The magnekeys attach magnetically to the notched hangers with the points facing out like you see in the image above.

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You can then remove the level, set it on the top edge of the frame, hold the picture up to the wall, make sure its level, and then press the top edge into the wall so that the pointed magnekeys make a mark to show you where to put the nails. Easy right? Yes. But (isn’t there always a but?), although they claim that you don’t need to do any measuring. Don’t put your measuring tape away though because that’s not true if you need to line up the picture horizontally between objects like a wall and window for example.

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Even so, the magnetic keys and the level really do make things a lot easier and I had one picture hung within minutes (after measuring the midpoint between the wall and window.

Using wire hangers

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The Go Hang It can help you hang pictures with wire hangers too.  There are three hooks on the bottom edge of the hanging tool. You just hook the wire over two or one hook, line up the picture, remove it from the hook while still holding the tool in place, and then use the pushpin tool to make a mark through the holes in the hooks. Genius!

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The hanging tool can even expand if needed.

gohangit 14

This is how it works except that the tool is reversed in the image above just to show how you would hang the wire on hooks.

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Like before, you may still need to do some measuring, and you’ll probably need an extra person to help you with this method so that you can remove the picture while still holding the tool against the wall. I found this method to feel awkward and I was worried that I would accidentally mark up the walls from moving the tool around to get to the right area.

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Another success! BTW, both photos shown in this review were taken by yours truly. The first photo was from a vacation on Lake Michigan in 2012 and the picture above was taken with my phone while driving Highway 1 in California in 2018.

What I like

  • All in one hanging tool
  • Includes a nice selection of fasteners
  • Easy to use

What I’d change

  • Include a measuring tape because you still need one

Final thoughts

I have found the Go Hang It all-in-one picture hanging & leveling tool to be convenient and to be relatively easy to use. I especially like the magnetic key tools for sawtooth hangers. However, I do think that you’ll still want to do some measuring, so including a tape measure with this kit would be a fantastic addition.

Price: $36.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Go Hang It.

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  2. Hi Julie
    Am I missing something? The tool comes with a heap of hooks, but every video shows the user is hanging the picture on a nail. So if you want to use a hook, and wanted the picture to be at a specific height (say to align with a fixed object, such as the top of a door frame), you are going to have to place the nail several millimetres higher to account for the hook. Is that right or is there a way to use the tool to account for the length of the hook.
    Thank you for the review … the tool still looks great.

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