Xvida Magnetic iPhone 11 Pro Wireless Charging Case and Portable Battery review

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REVIEW – A phone is only as good as its battery, which is why there are so many third party battery solutions out there. The trick is that they only work if you have all the parts with you. Xvida has a whole charging system including car, desk and wall mount solutions and they sent their Magnetic Wireless Charging Case and Portable Battery for review.

What is it?

The Magnetic Wireless Charging Case and Portable are part of Xvida’s system for simplifying charging and mounting. By using the Qi standard and coupled magnets and embedded plates, the different components connect and align magically.

What’s in the boxes?

Charger Portable Battery
• USB-C Charging Cable

• iPhone 11 Pro Case (also available for a few other models – check their website)

Hardware specs

: 113 x 11.5 x 66 mm; 140 g
Power: Input/Output 5V/2A
Max Capacity: 4000mAh
Charging Methods: Wireless (Qi) and USB-C
Attachment: Built-in magnets

CASE for iPhone 11 Pro
Dimensions: 149 x 10 x 77 mm; 38 g
Material: Shock absorbing TPU
Attachment: Built-in metal plate

Design and features

The case hugs the phone beautifully, with covers for all buttons and good access to the silent switch, speakers, mic and charging port. There’s a prominent lip protecting the screen without limiting access on the sides.



The most visual feature is the way they’ve allowed access for the lenses. There are individual cutouts for each of the three lenses as well as the flash and sensor. There’s nice microfiber inset to protect your phone from the case itself.


The battery shares the stealthy, protective design aesthetic and also has the ribbing making it easy to hold onto. A single button with 5 LEDs let’s you see battery status at a glance.


The bottom edge sports a USB-C (IN) and USB-A (OUT) charging ports.


Functionally, the key feature is clearly the magnetic attraction between the two that helps them snap together. On the underside of the battery you can see the rectangular shape that mates with the case along with a texture that keeps it from moving around. Each case is designed to center the battery over the charging circuit for that specific phone so you can’t miss.



To install the case, slide the top left corner of you phone into the case and then push the phone into the other 3 corners. The case is pretty pliable, but rigid enough that it’s a secure fit.

Connect the included USB-C cable to your phone and the USB-A side to source with at least 2A of current to get the fastest charge. Let the battery charge fully before using.

You can check the status of the battery by pressing the button. There are 4 blue LEDs each representing a quarter charge and a 5th green LED that shows the battery is full, or actively charging whatever device is connected.

To charge your phone, place the battery close to the back of your phone and you’ll feel the magnets take over snapping it into the correct charging location. Press and hold the button to start charging. You’ll feel the haptic buzz of your phone when it kicks in. You can stop charging at any point with the same process or removing the battery.


Let’s discuss the case first. I’m a fan. This is a low profile case that never feels slippery and yet isn’t so grippy that it causes problems. The ribbing on the sides provides just the right amount of traction in your hand.


The material provides good protection and my phone survived the couple of drops that happened during the course of this review without incident.

I really like the camera area as the individual cutouts for each lens make cleaning your lenses really easy. They’re close to flush with the case and look cool while allowing the phone to sit perfectly flat on it’s back when placed on a flat surface.


As for the battery, it takes about 3 hours to charge from a 2A charger if it’s empty. Not a big deal if you’re plugging it in overnight. Using it is easy with the magnet and it stays in place well while using the phone.

Similarly it was easy to flip the battery on it’s back and use it to charge my AirPod Pros in their wireless case. If you’d like to charge non-wireless you can use the USB-A port on the battery to do just that.

All in all everything works as it should. There was only one issue that I ran into and that was the position of where the battery on the iPhone 11 Pro. It aligns perfectly with the phone for charging, but the size of the battery results in it obscuring the lowest lens on the phone. This isn’t a deal-breaker as it’s easy to remove the battery to take a photo, but it is something you should know.


What I like

  • The case; Black, minimally branded, good non-drop textures
  • Camera cutouts on the case are super tight to each lens hiding the big rounded square
  • The battery; easy to recharge and the magnet to the phone for Qi charging is great
  • Great pricing

What I’d change

  • Battery is too tall for the iPhone 11 Pro and obscures the wide angle lens
  • Charge time for the battery seems a bit long
  • Case could come in some other colors

Final thoughts

As I mentioned at the start, having all the parts to the system with you is the key to a solution that works. Xvida’s case is a solid performer that I’d recommend to anyone for general protection and daily use. The battery works and is small and light enough to comfortably fit in a back pocket, so having it on you doesn’t take a lot of planning even if you’re traveling super light.

$39.00 – Wireless Charging Portable Battery
$37.00 – Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 11 Pro
Where to buy: Xvida.com
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Xvida

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  2. Thanks for reviewing the Xvida family. I’ve been a huge fan since they launched in Kickstarter. My whole family uses their wirless car chargers. You really need to take a look at them too.

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