You’ll always be able to take charge with this USB-C bracelet

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NEWS – You’ll never have to dig around in your gear bag for a USB cable to charge your phone because you’ll have one on your wrist with the wearable Auzev USB-C bracelet. The unisex design means that anyone will be comfortable wearing this cable, I mean bracelet. It features a genuine woven black leather strap that is available in 7.2 or 8.2 inch lengths.

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One end has a USB-C connector and the opposite end has a USB-A connector that can be inserted into a port on your computer or a USB power adapter.

The Auzev bracelets are only $14.99 on Amazon and if the style or the connector type doesn’t appeal to you, you can find a BUNCH of other versions also on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “You’ll always be able to take charge with this USB-C bracelet”

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  2. This design is a full-on copycat of the Kickstarted charging bracelet by Nouon, which has been around for a few years now. Not surprised… Chinese businesses love to rehash ideas as their own and sell them cheaper.

    Nouon’s latest design looks a lot more stylish and gets rid of the sharp edges, plus promises faster charging speeds. Worth checking out for sure.

    1. I came here to say the same thing. A complete knockoff getting press instead of the Kickstarter that came up with the idea.

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