EasyRead Time Teacher Clock and Watch review

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EasyRead Time Teacher 1
REVIEW – My children are now at the age where they have become interested in the clocks on the wall in my home and the watches I wear. They pretend that they can tell what time it is which is quite amusing, but also their actions tell me that it is time for them to start to learn how to truly tell what time it is. The EasyRead Time Teacher Clocks and Watches seem like the right tools for the job. Let’s see!!

What is it?

The EasyRead Time Teacher Clocks and Watches are designed for children to learn to read the time. They feature large and colorful numbers that are strategically placed for reading, seconds, hours and minutes, and in 12 or 24-hour format.

What’s in the box

EasyRead Time Teacher 2
1 x EasyRead Wall clock
2 x EasyRead Watch
Instructions with each

Design and features

This is the smallest of the wall clocks that EasyRead Time Teacher sells. It has a white background and has colorful and easy to read numbers.
EasyRead Time Teacher 3
On the back of the clock, there is the watch mechanism surrounded by a battery cover and there is a wall mount cutout above.
EasyRead Time Teacher 4
The watch face is a smaller version of the clock providing the same information and in the same colorful style. The bands are made of a woven canvas type of material with a metal buckle and clasps. The band passes through a slot on either side of the watch.
EasyRead Time Teacher 5


The clock and the watches have worked very well since they arrived. The only initial issue was that the box for the clock is made of very soft cardboard, and as you can see below, it arrived cracked. However, this has not affected the functionality.
EasyRead Time Teacher 7
The watch arrives with a plastic clip around the crown. Once you remove the plastic clip and set the time, you push in the crown and the watch is good to go.
EasyRead Time Teacher 6

EasyRead was nice enough to send a watch for each of my two kids, and they are thoroughly enjoying wearing them and asking about the time and if they are reading it correctly. Slowly but surely they are getting it. And, since the watches are attractive they get the added benefit of feeling proud when their friends are around. We have also been able to place the clock on the wall in their bedroom, and they take turns reading the time and telling each other that they are wrong!! :-):-)

My initial assessment of the build quality is that under normals wear and tear by kids, they will last for a while. The watch body is made of metal. Then again, my kids are energetic and very active, so we shall see. The clock, on the other hand, is made entirely of plastic. However, since it is designed to be wall-mounted, it should be fine.

The following is a short video of my son’s first interaction with the watch once I put it on his wrist. You can also hear my excited daughter in the background.

What I like

  • The quality of the construction of the watch
  • The colorful watch face presentation
  • The easily adjustable band
  • Its ability as a teaching tool

What I’d change

  • Ship in better protective packaging

Final thoughts

I really like the clock and the watches as a tool for teaching kids how to tell time. They are colorfully designed and are easy to use. The watches are very comfortable on the kid’s wrists and they simply love them. They are definitely making progress as they learn to read the watches to determine the time. Well done!!

Price: EasyRead Watch – $27.95; EasyRead 29cm Wall Clock – $29.95
Where to buy: The EasyRead Time Teacher website
Source: The samples for this review were provided by EasyRead

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