Check out KiwiCo this holiday season for amazing creativity kits for kids of every age including the adult kid :-)

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GIFT IDEA NEWS – As the holiday season approaches, I think about gifts for my kids and even the creative adults in my life. As I have watched my kids interact with toys over the year, I have noticed their creativity especially with Arts and Craft and with STEM-related toys and gadgets. I have started to research these types of gifts a whole lot more since the revelation of how beneficial they are to my kids and how much it enhances their creativity and imagination. The interaction with both STEM toys and Arts and Craft kits has really allowed them to realize their own true potential. I have also come to realize that as a gadget nerd, I am interested in many of the items that are designed for older kids and adults.

KiwiCo 1

KiwiCo is a company that is based on innovation and it creates boxes that they call crates that include 3 or more arts/craft/technology/learning kits based on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) for the newborns to adults.

This holiday season, if you are looking for a gift for the child or adult who seems to already have everything, head over the KiwiCo and grab a crate or two that are sure to bring something new and exciting to their creative side. They offer their crates via a subscription, and depending on the package that you choose, prices start as low as $15.50 per month. Subscriptions automatically renew, and you can cancel at any time. Go to for more info.

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