TURBOANT X7 Foldable Electric Scooter review

Turboany X7 18
REVIEW – I live in New York City, and over the past few years, it seems like the number of cars on the roads has quadrupled and there is traffic congestion from early in the morning until late at night. Lately, I have been noticing large numbers of people wearing business attire and some in casual dress riding bicycles and skateboards, hoverboards and electric scooters. These types of transportation seem to be the new “thing”. In addition, they are a great part of the effort to contribute to clean air and to combat climate change. I have been thinking of getting an electric bicycle or scooter, so I am excited to have the opportunity to test and review the Turboant X7 Foldable Electric Scooter.

What is it?

The Turboant X7 Electric Scooter is designed with a foldable stem that makes the scooter easily portable. It features large 8.5″ tires to absorb shock from rough terrain and a spacious deck for safety and riding comfort. The built-in 350 W motor can accelerate up to 19.9 mph, and it has a travel range of up to 15.5 miles. It weighs 29.7 lbs.

What’s in the box

Turboany X7 2
1 × Folding Electric Scooter
1 × Charging Adapter
1 × M6 Hexagon Wrench
1 × Valve Adapter
1 × User Manual
1 × Warranty Card

Design and features


Unfolded Size: 41.6 × 16.5 × 45.9 in (1056 × 420 × 1166 mm)
Folded Size: 41.6 × 16.5 × 17.7 in (1056 × 420 × 450 mm)
Ground Clearance: 4.7 in (120 mm)
Product Weight: 29.7 lbs (13.5 kg)
Adapter Input Voltage: 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Drive System Motor: 36 V, 350 W
Tire (Front & Rear): 8.5-inch, tubeless pneumatic tires
Max Speed: 19.9 mph (30 km/h)
Range: 9.3-15.5 miles (15-25 km)
Max Climbing Capability: 15°
Max Load: 44-275 lbs (20-125 kg)
Foldable Stem: Yes
Battery Pack: Detachable
Controls: Brake System, Electronic throttle control, disc brake, and foot brake
Speed: 3 settings (linear adjustment)
Illumination: LED headlight + taillight (1 W)
Warning Function: Bell
IP Rating: IPX4
Operating Temperature: 32 to 95 °F (0 to 35 °C)
Storage Temperature: 14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)

Battery Specifications

Type: Li-ion
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Voltage: 36 V
Capacity: 6.4 Ah, 230.4 Wh
Operating Temperature: 32 to 95 °F (0 to 35 °C)
Charging Temperature: 50 to 95 °F (10 to 35 °C)
Max Charging Voltage/Current: 42 V, 2 A
Storage Temperature: 14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)
Storage Time: 3 months (after a full charge)


  • 19.9 MPH Speed: The powerful 350 W motor enables a swift speed of up to 19.9 mph and a climbing capacity of 15°.
  • 15.5 Mile Range: A full charge of the 36 V, 6.4 Ah high-capacity battery powers the X7 for up to 15.5 miles.
  • Detachable Battery: The battery pack can be removed from the stem quickly and easily, allowing you to charge it conveniently in your home.
  • Foldable & Portable: The lever-activated folding stem makes the scooter ready to carry in seconds. Its low weight of 29.7 lbs and compact measurements make the X7 a cost-effective way to solve the “last mile” problem with a public transport system.
  • Large 8.5″ Tires: Large 8.5″ tubeless pneumatic front and rear tires provide great shock absorption, and an anti-slip profile ensures safe and reliable traction on wet and rough terrain.
  • Cruise Control: Lock in your desired speed by holding the throttle in the same position for 6 seconds, allowing for personal freedom while traveling.
  • Built to Last: Constructed with a robust aluminum alloy frame, the X7 is capable of supporting a max load of 275 lbs.
  • LED Headlight: The LED front headlight greatly increases your safety and peace of mind while riding a scooter in the dark.
  • LED Instrument Panel: The LED panel clearly displays your current speed, battery level, and settings.

This electric scooter is definitely a large adult size scooter but is foldable for carrying which makes it easy to transport. It also has a convenient kickstand.
Turboany X7 1
Once assembled, the left side handle includes the braking lever and the bell.
Turboany X7 3
On the right side handle there is the powering lever that includes the power on/off button and the on/off light switch above it.
Turboany X7 4
On the front of the scooter right below the handlebar, there is an LED headlamp.
Turboany X7 17
On top of the steering column, there is an LED display that shows your speed and the level of the battery charge. When the scooter arrives, it has a clear sticker over the LED display with some warning information.
Turboany X7 5
Along the top side of the steering column facing the rider, there is a button to open the column to access that battery. There is also a convenient hook for hanging an appropriate item.
Turboany X7 24
The following video shows the process for removing the battery:

The battery is long and cylindrical in shape and has two grooves, one each along the length of each side to ensure proper insertion. On the top end of the battery, there is a nylon type handle for removing the battery from the shaft of the scooter. On the bottom end of the battery, there are 2 electrical contacts and a charging port.
Turboany X7 15
Turboany X7 6
Turboany X7 7
Turboany X7 8
Turboany X7 9
On the bottom of the shaft/steering column of the scooter, there is the lever that allows you to fold the shaft or lock it in place. There is a plastic ring around the shaft that you turn counterclockwise to securely lock the lever in place so that neither the lever nor the shaft will disengage while you are riding.
Turboany X7 22
Right above the lever, there is the built-in charging port that you can also use to charge the battery if you choose not to remove it.
Turboany X7 16
Turboany X7 11
The back tire has a disk brake for stopping the bike. The fender above the tire has a grove that locks the shaft/steering column into place when you fold the bike. The fender also serves as the foot brake by pressing down on it. In the practical sense, it is engaged by using your heel.
Turboany X7 12
Turboany X7 13
On the tail end of the fender, there is the rear light that is protected by a red reflector.
Turboany X7 14


The scooter arrived almost completely assembled. All I needed to do was to screw in the handles and attach the bell using the included Allen key. I then charged the battery overnight, and the next day I was ready to go. It takes about 6 hours to charge the battery fully if it is close to empty, but I just decided to leave it charging and go to bed.

The red throttle has the on/off button on it and the lights/on/off button. The lights are controlled by pressing the respective button for a few seconds, after turning on the scooter via the power button.
Turboany X7 19
Turboany X7 20
Once you power on the scooter, the LED display turns on and as seen in the next photo, it shows the speed and battery charge level via the LED dashes below the speed indicator.
Turboany X7 21
I did not want to ride the scooter and try to take a video of the speedometer working, so I did a quick short walk to show it.

The following video shows me riding the scooter while out on the boardwalk with my family:

Riding this scooter is pure fun and very enjoyable. Even when riding over somewhat rough terrain, it seems to absorb the bumps quite well. The throttle is very responsive and it allows me to use a soft touch and ride slowly next to someone who is walking. Once you get the hang of the throttle, turning is a breeze even when turning in tight circles. Acceleration is quite quick and with my weight which is approximately 220 lbs, I was able to get up to 14 mph and I do believe that it can go faster. After riding about 5 miles, I still had about 3 1/2 bars of charge left and that was 5 miles that included several inclines. The scooter did slow to about 4 mph on the inclines that I would judge to be approximately 20 degrees, but it remained stable all the way. I figure that with my weight and a few inclines included along the way, that I can probably get 15 miles out of each charge.

What I like

  • The build quality
  • The responsiveness of the throttle
  • The dual braking system
  • The tubeless tires and their size
  • The included accessories like the bell and front and back LED lights
  • The power
  • The removable battery
  • The wide platform
  • The LED Instrument Panel
  • The Cruise Control

What I’d change

  • The cost of an additional/replaceable battery
  • A bit of a redesign to make the height of the handle/steering column adjustable
  • Include a better quality valve adapter

Final thoughts

Before this E-Scooter, the last time I rode a scooter was at least 42 years ago, and that was a kick scooter. Electric scooters did not exist back then. To be honest, I was a bit concerned if I could ride this one without some painful falls. However, after the first few shaky moments, I was riding like a Pro. Since then, it has been nothing but fun and I simply love this scooter. It is a great re-introduction to scooters and it is built like a tank. On level surfaces which is mostly where I ride, it is fast enough and the charge lasts long enough that I can now leave my truck at home sometimes for some short trips. And since I live right next to a boardwalk that is along the Atlantic ocean, it is a great way to go outdoors and travel up and down the boardwalk while enjoying all of the fun and activities along the way. While no device is perfect, for now, I am giving this electric scooter a very well done and two thumbs up!!

Price: $599.99 (Get one for $399 during their Black Friday deal)
Where to buy: The Turboant website
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Turboant.

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  2. Remind everyone to make sure and air the tires up to 50 psi as per the instructions. It makes a huge difference in range and speed. Mine only shipped with about 20 lbs.

  3. Hi Tom,
    My power supply has a LED on it that is red when charging and green when fully charged. I charged mine until it was green, but I did charge it overnight so maybe for approximately 12 hours.

  4. The scooter itself is great. The problem is when you need parts. They are hard to work with and inventory nothing in the US, except batteries (that were “out of stock”). I couldn’t even get a tire from them. First it was out of stock, then when they got them in, it was to be 30 days from China. This same scooter is also “branded” and sold as LEVY. Levy has a website, some parts (in the US) and was able to help me out. Great scooter, POOR support.

  5. I ordered this scooter several months ago and took about a month to get it come to China I ordered the extra battery so when I open up the box on the battery to separate battery and it already was almost fully charged at least that’s what the battery charger indication the red light when I plugged it in a couple hours later it was all it was all green the other battery is charged longer could take longer and I want to run it for 20 minutes or so getting used to it I’m an older fellow so I’m taking my time with it and all of a sudden light started flashing the brake light red placed the head light was flashing I checked the bars there were four bars or none of those five of them. Charge it was almost to fully charged battery and no engagement by the throttle like I said it worked for about 20 minutes I’m going around the block everything is going to be fine and then all the sudden so I brought it in I got the other battery cuz they had a full charge by then and I took off again and I got a little farther down towards and I’m going to San Francisco closer towards Market Street and Main Street in and start doing the same thing and it just kind of diet it wouldn’t move the lights were flashing and thank you so I mentioned to a friend of mine who happens to have one of the older versions of it and he said it sounds like the truck was not engaging I said well what do you think and so I described that the problem with the company and they sent me a new throttle didn’t charge me for it exchange at 141 cuz now I have to have somebody put the throttle on a I download a video and I don’t have the tools he’s got a few tools that I was going to let him fix it so I sure will soon as the new gets here so what I’m saying is I was very unhappy with his scooter I’m still working to get it up and running because otherwise I’m just out six hundred bucks I probably end up selling it anyway cuz I have things that don’t work I get rid of them I was going to get a longboard electric anyway and I went back and forth for months about what I wanted to give so being older and I have been doing skateboarding off and on but not electric skateboard so I got the scooter and said well I’ll get that if it works out on I’ll get the electric longboard later down the line so I wish I just got the long boy you begin with this is ridiculous

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