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CROWDFUNDING REVIEW – We all have smartphones, yes?  And despite grippy cases, poppy knobs, dangly strap, and other attempts, those smartphones continue to increase in size and therefore are more difficult to hold onto while using them.  And because they also keep increasing in price, it seems like a good idea to keep a solid grip on them, but without overly compromising their styling and ergonomics.  That’s where Ohsnap comes in.  With its multitude of features and low-profile styling, it might just be the best phone grip in the history of ever.  Let’s take a look.  Gadget on!

What is it?

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Ohsnap is a low-profile grip device for your smartphone.  It can attach to objects magnetically, can be removed quickly for wireless charging, and its main feature is a pop-out finger loop (demonstrated above).

What’s in the box?

Ohsnap phonegrip 01 1The above and below images show Ohsnap’s packaging which seems relatively simple and straightforward.  Until I actually tried to get Ohsnap out of it.

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At first I tried to cut the plastic that was holding Ohsnap in, but that was an awkward fail and was taking forever, plus I was starting to scuff up Ohsnap’s nicely gold anodized surface in the process.  Eventually, I just took a scissors and cut off the side and top edges of the package to free Ohsnap from its cardboard and plastic prison.


  • Ohsnap (that’s it!)

Hardware specs

  • Materials = Aluminum, steel, plastic, and silicone.  Plus: magnets!

Design and features

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In the Kickstarter campaign, Ohsnap was initially available in the four colors seen above, which are Rose Gold, Space Gray, Gold, and Black.  However, as of this writing, if the campaign funding reaches its final stretch goal of $500,000, the following additional colors will be unlocked: Ruby Red, Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green, Flame Orange, and Very Purple.

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I like that the Ohsnap packaging allows for trying out the product, which of course I did, as seen above.  Pressing on the rivet in the center released the grip strip (which is my name for it) and both of its sides immediately popped up.  More on this and how it works below.

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The above photo shows the top and underside of Ohsnap after finally removing it from its packaging,

Ohsnap phonegrip 07 1

One of Ohsnap’s features is that the aluminum top portion can be slide out of the plastic base very easily and quickly.  More on this below as well.

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Installing Ohsnap on your phone is quite simple.  Essentially you just remove the adhesive’s backing paper and stick it on, with a few additional steps to ensure that it is placed properly.

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In the photo above, there are a few things to note.  First is the center rivet where the grip strip is attached to the aluminum top portion of Ohsnap.  This is not only an attachment point but allows the grip strip to spin 360 degrees so it can be adjusted to where it is most comfortable for you.  The second thing to note are the rows of holes that are visible which is part of the mechanism that locks the top portion into the base when you slide it in or out.  Third, you can just see along the left edge that both the adhesive and backing paper have been a bit scuffed up, which I suspect was done when I struggled to remove Ohsnap from its package.

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Above, I’ve peeled away about half of the backing paper from the adhesive.

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Above, another closeup of the slightly scuffed up adhesive on the left edge.  At this point I was hoping that this would not negatively affect Ohsnap’s ability to attach to my phone case.

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Because I keep my iPhone XR in a black Tech21 Evo Check case, I opted to attach Ohsnap to the back of that.  After peeling back the remainder of the adhesive’s backing paper, I followed the instructions and centered Ohsnap to the left and right and placed it near the bottom of the case.  I then pressed firmly but carefully all along the base, ensuring that I was pressing on every part of the base.  The instructions indicated that the base would then need to sit for 2 hours (!) before I could slide the top portion into the base.  So in the meantime, let’s take a look at that top part of Ohsnap.

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The main feature of Ohsnap, the feature that actually makes it a phone grip, is the long black strip in its center.  This strip normally sits flat and flush within the aluminum oval portion.  The grip strip has a silicone coating that is soft, grippy, and pleasant to the touch.

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To “activate” the grip strip, simply press on the gold rivet in the grip strip’s center and, as described above, both ends of the grip strip immediately pop up.

Ohsnap phonegrip 18a

The grip strip pop works because within the grip strip’s soft silicone coating lies a bi-metal strip, nearly identical to the “snap” bracelets which were popular a few years ago.  Kudos to the Ohsnap folks for finding a way to utilize the working principle of these bracelets for something that is actually useful.

Ohsnap phonegrip 19a

Engaging the steel hook into the hole secures the grip strip into a circular shape that a finger can be slid into, which I’ll demonstrate below.

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Next, it’s easy to bend the ends of the grip strip inward toward themselves and engage the tiny steel hook at the tip of one end with its mating hole in the other end.  The little steel hook is so small and unobtrusive that you might not even notice it is there unless you are told how Ohsnap works.

Ohsnap phonegrip 17a

Next let’s take a look at the underside of Ohsnap’s top component,which is actually quite packed with clever features.

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There are four magnets placed at the top and bottom (the semi-circular shapes) as well as on the left and right (the long rectangular shaps with gold dots on them).  These magnets are quite thin which not only helps keep Ohsnap thin, but they are strong enough to easily hold my iPhone XR plus Evo Check case to metal objects, which I’ll demonstrate below.

Ohsnap phonegrip 21 1

The above closeup shows two of a total of additional very clever features.  Located between the semi-circular magnets on the ends and the long, narrow magnets along the sides are a pair of small black plastic dots that are held by spiral-like “arms.”  These are small protrusions held in place by the spiral arms which deflect slightly when the aluminum top portion of Ohsnap is slid into its base.  These small black dots then engage with the pairs of holes along the base and help lock the two components together.

Ohsnap phonegrip 22 1

After two hours I finally slid the aluminum top portion into the base, completing the assembly of Ohsnap.  I have to admit, I liked the gold and black look.

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One of the features of Ohsnap that I really appreciate is that it is low profile, which I think makes it much better than a lot of the other phone grip type solutions out there.

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Of course, I immediately had to test the grip strip, which activated easily with the press of my finger.

Ohsnap phonegrip 25 1

It really doesn’t require much force to engage the grip strip, but it does require enough force that the grip strip is unlikely to pop up on its own.Ohsnap phonegrip 26 1

And boom, the grip strip pops up, ready to be used as a grip.

Ohsnap phonegrip 27 1

As mentioned above, because the grip strip is attached to Ohsnap with a rivet, it can be rotated 360 degrees to place it into the best position for the user.Ohsnap phonegrip 28 1The aluminum top portion of Ohsnap slides in and out with a bit of force, but once you do it two or three times, it becomes second nature.

Ohsnap phonegrip 29 1

Ohsnap phonegrip 31a

Ohsnap is only about 3mm thick, so it presents a very small profile, not adding much thickness.

Ohsnap phonegrip 32 1

Ohsnap phonegrip 33 1

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Above is my preferred method of using Ohsnap, with the grip loop around the middle of either my middle or ring finger.

Ohsnap phonegrip 35 1

I tried using Ohsnap by putting my finger further into the grip loop, but this was a very tight fit (even for my relatively small fingers) and wasn’t my preferred method of use.

Ohsnap phonegrip 36 1

And that’s it—Ohsnap allows you to hold your phone in your hand quite securely, and even gives you a bit better ability to reach areas of your phone that you might not otherwise be able to reach easily.

Ohsnap phonegrip 37a

Ohsnap can also act as a phone stand in a pinch, for those times when there is a video that you just have to watch.

Ohsnap phonegrip 38 1

As mentioned above, Ohsnap’s magnets allow it to attach to metal objects, like our kitchen door as shown in the photo above.  This comes in handy more often than I expected.

Ohsnap phonegrip 39 1

I tried to use Ohsnap with the EasyAcc 10W PU Leather Qi Charging Pad but had no luck.  My suspicion was that Ohsnap’s top portion, built of aluminum with its array of magnets, prevented the wireless charging from functioning.  However, I simply slid the aluminum component from Ohsnap’s base, laid it off to the side, and the wireless charging worked just fine.

Ohsnap phonegrip 41 1

Ohsnap works easily and well.  When I’m out rucking (walking with a weighted backpack), I use Ohsnap to help me hold my phone while I respond to text or change podcasts.  Plus, in the week or so that I’ve been using it, its adhesive has shown no signs at all of loosening from my Evo Check case’s back.  It seems to be attached really well.

What I like

  • Grip strip is easy to deploy and use
  • Grip strip loop keeps your phone stable in your hand
  • Low profile (only 3mm thick)
  • Top section is removable for wireless charging
  • Magnetically attaches to metal objects

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

Onsnap is a cleverly–designed, well-built, low-profile phone grip that is loaded with features.  From its quickly deployable grip strip that easily wraps around a finger to secure your phone in hand, to its magnetic attachment to metal objects, to its ability to be easily removed from its base until for wireless phone charging, this is a next-generation phone grip.  It only takes a few times using it to get the hang of it and then you may wonder how you’ve been using your phone all this time without it.

Update 6/14/20


I really wanted to like the Ohsnap Phone Grip and it did seem promising at first. However, just a few weeks after the review was posted, I had my iPhone XR (with Ohsnap attached) in an exterior zipper pocket in my jacket for about 45 minutes of shoveling snow outside in the cold. When I went back inside and pulled out my iPhone, the Ohsnap had sprung out into its deployed position and I could not get the to lay flat again. While trying to fix this issue, I slid the top portion of the Ohsnap from its base, and the magnets started to fall out. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. I would recommend staying away from Ohsnap.

Price: Pledge packages start at $15 and increase from there
Where to buy: Ohsnap Kickstarter campaign page
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Ohsnap.

11 thoughts on “Ohsnap Phone Grip review”

  1. Gadgeteer Comment Policy - Please read before commenting
  2. This is on Kickstarter, and if I click “Order Now”, it takes me to Indiegogo. That’s odd. I’m not an Indiegogo fan, so I’m not backing this.

    1. It’s because the campaign is over on Kickstarter, but still going on Indiegogo. So it’s the only chance to order at a discounted price, otherwise you’ll have to wait.

  3. So i’ve seen lots of comments coming out that mirror my own experience, which is that this thing does not last very long and does not function as well as it claims to. The snap grip is overly sensitive and is difficult to “retract” with one hand. After a few days it stops working completely and stays “deployed”. Others have also reported the small metal hook breaking off. Neat idea but does not seem like it would be useful for more than a week or so.

    1. Agreed. Not long after the above review was posted, the OhSnap I had on my phone from the review just fell apart. The magnets fell out and the grip strip popped open and wouldn’t stay flat. We’ll be posting an update the reflects this. YMMV, but I’d advise staying away from this product.

  4. I’m with John Reed. First one I received did not stay retracted so I sent them a video and they sent me a new one. Worked for less than a week and now it won’t stay retracted. Also, I use a silk case with space for four cards on the back and the ohsnap does not hold my iPhone 8 to the magnet on my dash. It falls off when I go over a bumpy road! Such a cool idea. Not there yet.

  5. Well, I wanted to ask if the steel and the magnets are not going to be a problem with the accuracy of compass and gps.
    But reading these comments I’ve lost the wish to order.
    Anyway, feel free to meet me know about the GPS thing…

  6. Simple questions regarding products ability to work my phone, the Samsung 20+ 5G and Otterbox was met with sarcasm and links to information not addressing my actual questions. Ohsnaps “lack of” customer service won’t be earning my business. A potential customer who takes the time to spell out legitimate concerns should be your bread and butter. Shame on you!

  7. Fragile but awesome

    Have had mine for a few months and was very careful to follow all the use guidelines (even watched every video). Unfortunately it still has fallen apart. Completely broken even after treating it like a new born baby. I’m pretty bummed.
    On a positive note, when it worked it was BY FAR the best grip/loop/stand ever!!! IMO. If they fixed the design and increase strength I’d give it another try.

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