How to keep your phone from running off on its own adventure — Koala Super-Grip Phone Harness

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Hangtime Koala 03

CROWDFUNDING NEWS – If you’re like me, one of your biggest fears about taking your phone on adventures is losing your grip on your phone or having it slip out of a pocket and go on its own adventure. The Koala Super-Grip Phone Harness from Hangtime on Indiegogo is currently sitting at 1500% of its goal with over 2 weeks left in the campaign.

While looking, on initial glance, like something from a Borat sequel, the Koala is actually a clever harness and dummy cord that will help protect your phone from you, if not the environment. The industrial grade silicone harness stretches to fit over your cased or uncased phone while the urethane tether (dummy cord) helps keep your phone from making it all the way to the ground when you inevitably drop your phone.

Hangtime Koala 02

The dummy cord will hold 45 pounds and is of sufficient length (stretches to 4 feet) to allow you to still take selfies, if that’s your thing.

Hangtime Koala 01

A high strength polycarbonate clasp keeps the dummy cord attached to your gear or clothing.

Hangtime Koala 04

The unique design of the Koala system allows for compatibility with most phones on the market today (including the latest iPhones).

Prices start at $14 plus shipping. Hangtime anticipates delivery in November of 2019.

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