Reduce kitchen clutter with the multi-feature ChopBox cutting board

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – Kitchens never have enough cupboard, drawer or countertop space to hold all those kitchen gadgets that we gadgeteers need to create our culinary delights.  ChopBox thinks they have a way to tidy things up with their new cutting board that brings many other tools to the counter.

The ChopBox is made of germ-resistant bamboo that comes from renewable sources and is recyclable.  It is claimed to be easier on your knives and also on the environment.  It has a built-in deep groove to prevent liquids from running away on the counter.

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Speaking of knives, when they do get dull, the ChopBox has two different sharpeners built right in. One is a diamond stone sharpener and the other is ceramic stone to provide different sharpening levels.

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Along with the top cutting board, a second cutting board slides out, nearly doubling your working space.

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That second cutting board doubles as a serving tray.

The ChopBox also has a built-in food scale, allowing you to create your health-conscious proportioned meals easily. It can weigh up to 6.6 pounds, so cowboy portions can also be weighed.

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That display also doubles as a digital kitchen timer.  The buttons are etched into the bamboo. The timer can run up to ten hours, so you can time three-minute eggs or all-day smoked ribs.

ChopBox is micro-USB rechargeable with a one-hour charge delivering up to 30 days use before recharging.

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Clean-up is simple.  The ChopBox is IPX7-rated meaning it is fully waterproof and can withstand being in water up to 3 feet deep.  It is not designed to be cleaned in a dishwasher.

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ChopBox’s biggest differentiator is the built-in sanitizing UVC lamp, that can sanitize three knife blades and both cutting surface, killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria in one minute.

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UVC sanitation brings a new level of food safety to the home kitchen. The light is designed so that no direct light will shine on the user.

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Several parts on the ChopBox are replaceable, so a maintained ChopBox should last a long time.

Their Kickstarter campaign ends Friday, October 18, 2019, at 10:55 AM EDT. They have blown away their original $10,000 goal with nearly $1.4M pledged as of this writing. There are still a few $99 pledges available before they go up to $119 at their Kickstarter campaign page. Shipping is expected in the November/December 2019 timeframe and they are committed to making Christmas 2019 deliveries.

10 thoughts on “Reduce kitchen clutter with the multi-feature ChopBox cutting board”

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  2. I think this is a step too far. I can clean my cutting board with soap and hot water. I’m not going to want to do that with an electronic scale. Also the contrast between the wood and the display and controls is very poor.

    1. David, as I mentioned, the ChopBox is IPX7-rated, so washing it with soap and water should be perfectly fine. And, UVC sterilization is still more effective than soap and water as it is very difficult to completely wash all surfaces by hand.

      As for the contrast, if you watch the videos on their Kickstarter, it looks to be very easy to read.

      But, that’s the beauty of choice – nobody will force you to buy one if you don’t want one.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Looks interesting but of course like most things on Kickstarter, will likely not match their promises so I will until it is available at retail.

    Also, micro-USB in 2019? Don’t understand that choice at all. Almost makes me want to mass given I don’t think I use anything anymore that doest use USB-C. It’s a total miss.

  4. I ordered a ChopBox on February 1st and when I went to track it from the carrier they told me would be bringing to the U.S., that carrier said no such shipment existed. I then contacted Mr. Brown with ChopBox who said they had told me the wrong carrier and gave the correct carrier. I then logged in with that carrier and it indicated movement in the shipment. I just went on line again to check on the shipment and am told it was delivered in New York City. I live in Seminole, Fl.! I just sent to emails to Mr. Brown asking when they would correct this and get my ChppBox to me. It was a birthday gift that was 2 weeks ago! And on their web site it indicates there is 24 hour support. There is not! No where is there a telephone number to contact. Everything has to be done by email. Poor performance from this company. I will not be buying from them again.

    1. Charles:
      Sorry to hear about your experience. That’s too bad as the product sure seemed to have promise. I do see that they are now showing expected March 2020 deliveries.


      1. Thanks for your reply Garry. But mine was “delivered” to an address in New York, NOT to me in Seminole, Fl. Does that mean, they are still going to deliver one to me, since I did pay for it and have never received it?

  5. Hello,

    I along with thousands of others backed this company on Kickstarter and Indigogo. It has been almost 2 years for most of us and they refuse to ship our boards to us. Most recent they raised the shipping another 30.00 above the 19.00 we had already paid, it is extortion plain and simple. Anyone thinking of buying one of these boards should be careful as you may end up like one of us, paying them to be able to sell to someone else! Do your research of the comment section of their page on indigogo or Kickstarter, you will see who you are dealing with!

    1. Mark:
      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with a Kickstarter project that we reported on. Here at The Gadgeteer, we report on interesting gadgets. You must agree that this was indeed interesting as you chose to support the project. When I reported on it, it was still in funding on Kickstarter and was reported as “CROWDFUNDING NEWS”.

      Your comment about me failing to do my research is unfair as the project was just that, a Kickstarter project and I had absolutely no way to predict the success or failure of that project. I simply reported on an interesting project, that unfortunately did not play out well.

      I appreciate your reporting on the outcome of a project that I wrote about and I certainly wish that outcome was better.

      Here at The Gadgeteer, we will continue to report on interesting crowdfunding projects. Those that choose to back those projects accept the inherent risks of funding a project that is developing. Kickstarter is not a “store” and is more of a scaled-down version of Shark Tank where investors place their funds at risk with the hope of a return.

      I hope that eventually, they deliver for you and ship what was promised. But The Gadgeteer has absolutely no affiliation with nor influence over them as we are an independent organization.

      Best wishes.

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