Just dip the Hydralight 2-in-1 Flashlight and Lantern into a glass of water and let there be light!


NEWS – How many times have you experienced your first blackout of the stormy season and can’t find a flashlight that works either because the batteries are dead or because it needs batteries and you forgot to buy some? I ask this question because I have more than a dozen flashlights around the house and whenever I do experience a blackout during the winter months, I can never find one. And then, of course, I always seem to have an issue with batteries.

Enter the Hydralight 2-in-1 Flashlight and Lantern!! This flashlight runs on just about any type of water even distilled or saltwater. There are no batteries to buy and it also functions as a lantern. According to the manufacturer, you “Just dip the fuel cell for 10 to 12 sec in water, shake it off, and then you are set to go, with up to 100 continuous hours on a single water dip and has a 25-year shelf life”.

You can purchase this handy gadget over at Amazon for $19.88 or $21.99 depending on if you want the one or two cell model.

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5 thoughts on “Just dip the Hydralight 2-in-1 Flashlight and Lantern into a glass of water and let there be light!”

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  2. read the reviews… esp about the fact that it is “used up” after 3 uses, the magnesium filter only lasts that long…. buy extra batteries if you are going to order it… they have the 25 yr shelf life if they’re stored correctly…

  3. Water is not a fuel (unless you have a fusion reactor). It’s obvious that this must have an energy source that needs replacing. Why that is better than just buying extra batteries (with no need to search for water) is not at all obvious to me.

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