Pivo Tiny Pod camera mount review

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Pivo Tiny Pod 2REVIEW – I am usually interested in almost every type of gadget that is designed for videography and/or photography. These days, almost everyone has a smartphone and many people use the built-in features to shoot either videos or to take pictures or both. In response to this popularity, many companies have manufactured various kinds of gadgets to help phone users to get more enjoyment and versatility when shooting. The Pivo Tiny Pod is just that type of gadget.

What is it?

Pivo is a smart interactive pod for smartphone photography and videography. It is built around 12 main features that include 9 quick create modes, 2 auto-follow modes, and 1 multi live streaming mode.

What’s in the box

Pivo Tiny Pod 4
1 x Pivo Pod
1 x Panoramic Mount
1 x Adjustable Mount
1 x Remote Control
! x Micro USB Cable
1 x Travel Case
1 x User Leaflet

Design and features

Pivo Pod –
Max Load: 1kg
Bluetooth: BLE 4.0
Rotation Degree: 360 degrees
Speed Rotation: 10s/r-2h/r
Bluetooth: 2402MHz~2480MHz
SRD: 2440MHz
Battery: 500mAh
Charging Method: Micro-USB Part, 5VDC, 0.5A
Charging Time: 1 hour
Working time: 10 hours
Height (without mount): 5 cm / 2 inches
Height (with mount): 7.3 cm / 2.9 inches
Width: 6.3 cm / 2.5 inches
Weight: 176g / 6.2 ounces

Remote Control –
Controller: 2.4GHz RF
Distance: 50ft (15m)
Height: 8.8cm / 2.7 inches
Width: 3.65cm / 1.4 inches
Weight: 30g / 1.0 ounces
Battery: 3V Coin Button Cell

Looking at the Pivo Pod, on one side, there is the grip fastener at the top, the 360-degree rotation gear below that, and a USB charging port at the bottom. Around the body of the Pod, there is a sort of rubberized finish/coating.
Pivo Tiny Pod 1
On the opposite side of the Pivo Pod, there is the power button.
Pivo Pod 10
Looking down at the Pivo from the top, there is the smartphone holder/grip and a bubble level.
Pivo Tiny Pod 7
Pivo Tiny Pod 8
At the bottom/underneath of the Pivo, there is a 1/4-20″ tripod mount and 3 extendable feet.
Pivo Tiny Pod 6
Pivo Pod 11
The Pivo Pod also comes with a remote that controls shooting modes, speed, capture and rotation functions.
Pivo Tiny Pod 9


The Pivo Pod is very easy to set up and use. Just take it out of the box and charge it, download the app and it is ready to go. The app requires that you create an account and then login. It connects via Bluetooth but the app controls the connection. Once you mount the phone into the Pivo you can start recording. You can mount it either vertically or horizontally.
Pivo Pod 23
Pivo Pod 22
It has several modes that can track in different ways to handle tasks like panoramic or 2 persons back and forth switching or individual movement tracking, timelapse, motion timelapse, etc. Since it is a bit hard to explain and showcase all of its functionality, here is a video to help do so:

The Pivo Pod app is also easy to setup and use. Here are some screenshots from the app:

The following is a short tracking video test that I did from my point of view:

What I like

  • The compact size
  • The features and functionality
  • The versatility
  • The ease of use
  • It works with the remote, snapping your fingers and even saying cheese
  • It uses front and back cameras

What I’d change

  • It works great so I can’t think of anything at the moment.

Final thoughts

I really like the Pivo Pod, especially in my case for shooting product videos and product photography. It shoots 360-degree photos/video. The tracking feature is great and responsive enough that it allows for versatility when shooting video. The remote works well for any distance that I have need. You also have the ability to stream live to popular platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and they have partnered with Ustream to allow streaming to over 30 platforms. I give this device a well done and two thumbs up!!

Price: $199
Where to buy: The Pivo Website and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Pivo

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  2. Hey man. Great review. I’ve just been to another gadget “review” site. They just listed the features and called it a review lol

  3. Great review! I ran across an ad on IG and have been debating on whether not to get it. I want to do more BTS stuff for my photography and this seems like it will help with that.

  4. Hey,

    I was wondering if you can put this on top of a normal tripod? I can’t seem to find this info anywhere. I see there is a screw hole in it but don’t want to buy it if i wont be able to attach it to my tripod. Thanks 🙂

  5. Can you tell me where it ships from? I see they advise there may be customs charges in addition to the checkout charges. Just curious.

  6. Hey! I’m curious to know if the functions of the Pivo work with Facebook Messenger (so you can use it instead of Facebook Portal)? TIA

    1. Hey wondering how it compares to the Pixem? What is the distance it will go to? Does it autofocus as the subject moves closer and farther?

  7. Unfortunately my experience with this company has been very distasteful. I was really looking forward to using this gadget for my company videos. I went online to learn about them and started receiving info from them. I then went to he website and ordered the whole kit. I was told over 2 weeks for delivery. The next day they send me an email for 10% off. I wrote and asked that since They had not yet processed my order would they please apply the discount. They refused and said it is company policy not to do that. They hadn’t even processed the order yet. Add another insult…the next day I received an email with a 20% off offer. Again refused to honor it. So I waited. 2 weeks and my order comes and it is missing the POD!. Only the accessories were sent in the box. Now they are calling me a liar and saying they shipped it. Beware., This is the poorest customer service company I have ever dealt with.

  8. They now say they shipped me a replacement POD but I have not recieved it yet. We will see. They will not credit me any discount. I feel this is wrong since I could have canceled my order and reordered using the discount. It doesn’t make sense for them to make a customer angry. I would look for another supplier if a similar product.

    1. Hi Tom

      I purchased the whole kit too and it was missing the pod and the remote (I think). Do you know the weight if your package? I’m trying to find the weights of all the items against the weight of the package to prove it wasn’t shipped in the package. I’m in Australia.

    2. Andrea Simeral-Boyer

      If you pay by pay pal your protected and can file a claim! I have had to do this several times with orders overseas. If they don’t accept PayPal, I don’t buy!

  9. I ordered the upgraded kit – my card posted the charge and Pivo was paid. They then sent a series of emails telling me my purchase was fraudulent and I had to provide them with a photo of my drivers license and credit card before they would ship it. Seriously, who would fall for that? SIX DAYS with no resolution and I took my story to Twitter. After calling me a fraud and liar, and repeatedly saying they had not been paid, they suddenly refunded my money. Looks like a great product, but BUYER BEWARE!

    1. Hey. I am not happy with this company. They are pretty unresponsive as you can see in my negative post above but, I do understand the reason they asked for your card I wouldn’t take it personal. As a business owner with an e-commerce business I fight fraud all day on my site. I estimate that 15%-20% of our orders are fraudulent using stolen credit cards. I have lost 10’s of thousands of dollars to these scum bags. Many orders per day. And the credit card companies don’t care because they just charge back the business. There is no way to protect ourselves.
      We have a fraud warning that tells us if something looks wrong and does not match. When that happens we have to contact the customer and ask for proof like a photo of the card with matching ID. Like I said, I am not happy with this vcompany but fair is fair.

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