Stick NozNoz in your nose to lose weight or perform a self-lobotomy


NEWS – I think the guy in the image above shoved the NozNoz a little too far up his schnoz and did some major brainial damage. He just looks way too happy to be pushing a small piece of plastic in his nose in order to lose a few pounds.

Are you thinking that this is a joke product? Me too, but it’snot (sorry, I couldn’t resist…). The NozNoz is a real wellness “wearable” that has been designed to help people lose weight without drugs.

Smell influences our behavior, memories and emotions and can trigger eating when not necessarily hungry, and as well as pleasure based eating. NozNoz redirects scent-filled air away from the olfactory system to reduce our sense of smell and help users on their weight management journey.

noznoz 1

NozNoz comes two sizes that should fit a variety of snouts and if you were on the fence about possibly buying your own pair of NozNozs (NozNozes?), the fact that they come in their own little storage case might be the determining factor to push you to go for it. Or not.

You can buy the NozNoz for $59.99 at  There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. Come on, I dare you.

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3 thoughts on “Stick NozNoz in your nose to lose weight or perform a self-lobotomy”

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  2. Make sure you put them in the right way, though. Otherwise you will gain weight.

    Plus, according to their single-blind testing, they don’t work if you are over 50. That’s probably because at 50 years old you’ve probably learned that nothing good comes from sticking plastic up your nose.

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