Turn your clutter into functional furniture

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NEWS – Does your home have a problem with clutter? I’m not too proud to say that mine does. Right now I’m staring at a 3.5 foot tall stack of magazines in the corner of the room. I’m sure there is some valid reason why these magazines have been saved instead of thrown in the recycle bin. Wouldn’t be nice to turn an eyesore stack of magazines into something useful? The Hockenheimer M makes that dream a reality.

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The Hockenheimer M may have an odd name, but it’s a genius idea that combines a wooden birchwood base, 2 leather belts, a pillow, and your magazines to make a small stool or footrest.

All you have to do is stack your magazines or newspapers on the base, place the pillow on top and cinch up the belts to create a piece of furniture.

The only downside to the Hockenheimer M is the price. It’s 128,00 – 140,000 € which works out to about $145-158 US. Interested? Head over to njustudio.com or make one yourself. I bet it wouldn’t be difficult.

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  2. I am curiously tempted by this. Except for (a) the price (b) I would trip over it (c) it would be too much trouble to get a magazine out and read it, so why am I keeping them?

  3. I think it could be done with just magazines and 2 belts. But it looks like it’d be used by a single guy who has given up.

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