Wave to the Airthings Wave Mini to check the air quality in the room

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airthings wave mini

NEWS – I’ve become a fan of Airthings products after reviewing their Wave radon detector last spring. That detector may have saved my life. More on that story in an update to my review coming soon, but the news for right now is that Airthings has added a new product to their line up called the Wave Mini. The Wave Mini is a small battery powered air quality monitor that you can put in various rooms throughout your home to keep an eye on the temperature, humidity, and Airborne chemicals (TVOCs) and track the levels. It might be strange to think of air pollution inside your home, but it exists and certain TVOCs can have a negative impact on your body if you’re exposed to them over time. The Wave Mini will show a visual indicator with a quick wave of your hand or by checking the mobile app and even works with Google Home and IFTTT so you can create custom alerts in the event of critical levels. The Airthings Wave Mini air quality monitor will be priced at $79 and will be available for pre-order beginning January 31 at airthings.com.

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