Instant Pot offers two products for sous vide cooking

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NEWS – Back in the summer, we told you about a Wolf multi-function cooker that had sous vide cooking as one of its functions.  One reader asked why her Instant Pot couldn’t do sous vide.  It’s because Instant Pots are pressure cookers and are designed to cook under steam at high temperatures and pressures instead of holding water at a constant temperature below the boiling point for the long times needed for sous vide cooking.  Well, Instant Pot pressure cookers still can’t sous vide cook, but the company now offers two Instant Pot-branded devices that can.

First up is the Instant Pot 8-qt Aura Pro Multi-Use Programmable Multicooker with Sous Vide (seen above).  This isn’t a traditional Instant Pot.  Instead, like the Wolf Multi-function cooker, it is more a slow cooker than a pressure cooker.  In addition to sous vide cooking, this multicooker can sear/sauté, bake, slow cook, steam, stew, roast, make yogurt, cook rice or multigrains, and keep warm.  It has a microprocessor to control the time and temperature to ensure consistent cooking results.  The Instant Pot 8-qt Aura Pro Multi-Use Programmable Multicooker with Sous Vide is $149.95 at Amazon.

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Next is the Instant Pot SSV800 Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, which looks and functions like another immersion sous vide cooker (Aicok SV-8001 Sous Vide Cookerreviewed by The Gadgeteer recently.  While you can use the inner pot from the 6- or 8-quart Instant Pot, it doesn’t require an Instant Pot at all.  You can use it with any pot or vessel that allows the circulator to be clamped to its side.  In fact, most sous vide circulators I’ve seen seem to require vessels that hold at least 12 quarts, so the Instant Pot inner pots seem a bit small.  The Instant Pot SSV800 Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator  is $79.95 at Amazon.

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