Hungry like the Wolf? Try this multi-function cooker!

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wolf multi function cooker

I’ve known about Wolf’s ranges, cooktops, and ovens for years, but I was recently surprised to learn that they make countertop appliances, too.  This Multi-Function Cooker really caught my eye when I was looking for a replacement slow cooker when the one I have stopped working.

This cooker has a stainless-steel construction, oven-proof glass lid with a rubber gasket, and a removable tri-ply stainless cooking vessel.  The LCD display and intuitive programmable controls make it easy to select a cooking method and time.  The key features and cooking methods are:

  • Manual Slow Cook: Cook on low, medium, or high heat for up to 24 hours
  • Meal Timer Slow Cook: Set the number of cooking hours based on when you want to serve the meal so you’re not limited by the recipe time
  • Program Slow Cook: Select one or two heat settings and cooking times for customized cooking, or insert the temperature probe into the food and set the temperature to your preferred doneness
  • Rice: Cook 6-18 cups of white or brown rice
  • Sauté/Sear: Precise sautéing and searing on low, medium, and high temperature settings
  • Sous Vide: Gently bring foods to a precise temperature in a warm water bath using the probe.  The included sous vide rack keeps your food submerged for even cooking
  • Versatile Cooking Vessel Included: Removable, 7 quart, stainless steel tri-ply vessel can be used like a Dutch oven, both in the oven and on any cooktop, including induction, and is dishwasher safe

The cooker measures 17.25″ x 12.25″ x 12.5″ and weighs 28 pounds.  It uses 120V at 60Hz power to produce 1300W of cooking power.  Included with the cooker is a temperature probe, removable stainless steel tri-ply cooking vessel, removable sous vide rack, use and care guide, and a quick tips cooking guide.

The Wolf Multi-Function Cooker is $599.95.  Learn more about this cooker and the other countertop appliances and locate a dealer near you at the Wolf website.

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  2. I was coming to say two words: “Instant Pot”, but then caught the sous-vide feature in the writeup. Isn’t that a clever idea? And why can’t my instant pot do that too?

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