Two perfect podcasts to kick off your October

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Podcasts for October Listening: Unobscured and Wild Thing

NEWS – October is my favorite month of the year. Perhaps it’s because of the crisp, fall weather, or maybe it’s because the tenuous veil between our world and the unknown becomes, for a brief moment, seemingly paper-thin.

In the spirit of ushering in the changing of seasons, I submit to you, readers, a pair of podcasts suited for warming up a mug of cider and listening to in a darkened room.


Aaron Mahnke, of the wonderfully macabre Lore series, takes us on a series-long deep dive of one specific topic in this new podcast. In season one, unwrap the often-forgotten details in what made the Salem Witch Trials such a dark and misunderstood period on our nation’s history.

Wild Thing

Laura Krantz, veteran producer and public radio editor, discovers her connection with a distant relative … a tenured professor of anthropology and renowned Bigfoot expert! Explore the stories, evidence and enduring fascination with Sasquatch.

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