The Trident Odyssey Valet is a luxury charging pedestal for Apple Watch

NEWS – Although the Trident Odyssey Valet looks like a protective display case for the Apple Watch, it’s more than that.  The clear plastic top does keep dust off your Watch, but the base is a charging stand.  And it’s powered by an internal battery to keep your Watch charged even when you’re away from a power source.

The charging cable for the Watch hides away in the base to keep everything looking neat.  The internal 2600mAh lithium battery can charge your Watch multiple times, or you can charge both a Watch and an iPhone simultaneously.  The LEDs on the front of the pedestal displays charging status for the battery.  The clear top holds your iPhone while it charges

Amazon has the Trident Odyssey Valet in black ($13.04), cognac ($13.74), or white (if you’re willing to pay the $41.91 premium price).

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