Osmo lets kids become animators of their favorite Disney characters

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NEWS – When I was a kid I loved to doodle and draw my own comics. Actually, I still love to do that! But back then and even now I just use a pad of paper and a pen which isn’t very Gadgeteer worthy compared to the cool new Osmo Super Studio that lets kids (and kids at heart) get in on the fun of animating their favorite Disney characters.

Available in Mickey and Friends, Disney Princesses, and the Incredibles games, the Super Studio sets are an add-on to existing Osmo sets which use a base for an iPad and a special clip on reflector that can “see” what is drawn on the included erasable and reusable pad as the Osmo app tells a story. But these aren’t static drawings, kids get to animate the cartoon filled with their favorite Disney characters by drawing objects and even choosing how the story’s plot progresses to exercise the kid’s creativity and imagination. Osmo’s AI automagically takes the drawings and makes them part of the story to bring the child’s drawings to life.

There’s even a section in the game where kids can learn step by step how to draw Disney characters just like real Disney artists do.

The Osmo Super Studio is designed for kids ages 5 and up and is available as an add-on to existing Osmo sets for $19 and Apple Retail Stores will carry an exclusive Super Studio Kit that includes the Osmo iPad Base for $59.

Get your copy of Osmo Super Studio today at PlayOsmo.com and Amazon, and in Target and Best Buy stores starting Sept. 4.

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