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REVIEW – When one thinks of a gadget, a toothbrush doesn’t immediately come to mind. But in this day of smart this and smart that, it seems everything is becoming “gadgetized.” And toothbrushes are no different. Give a toothy grin to the new BURST Sonic Toothbrush.

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What is it?

The BURST is a sonic toothbrush with a built-in rechargeable battery (USB charger included). It vibrates at 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute. It has three timed teeth brushing settings. 

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What’s in the box 

  • BURST sonic toothbrush
  • USB charger stand
  • Toothbrush head
  • Charger plug

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Design and features

Technically, the BURST toothbrush is not a “smart” brush. It doesn’t talk to your phone or keep a brushing history or send your brushing habits to your dentist. What the BURST sonic toothbrush does is brush your teeth in a pleasant and—dare I say—fun way.

The BURST toothbrush is nicely designed and easy to hold in your hand. It’s also designed to stand upright on its wider, flat base. There’s a modern, diamond-shaped pattern embossed into the non-slip plastic handle for easy gripping. An on/off button controls three different brushing selections: Whiten, Sensitive and Massage. The Whiten setting vibrates at 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute. The Sensitive setting at 31,000 sonic vibrations per minute is a less intense version of Whiten. The Massage setting vibrates in a fast, repeating on/off pattern. After trying out the three settings, I decided to choose Whiten and leave it there.

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Soft bristles are attached to a replaceable head that easily snaps on and off. The bristles are dark gray and coated in charcoal imported from Japan called Binchotan. BURST claims that the charcoal coating absorbs impurities. Okay, charcoal is used to filter impurities from water, so I’ll have to take their word for it. And no, you can’t taste the charcoal. Hiding among the bristles in the center of the brush head is a flexible “x” shaped tip that BURST claims is a tooth polisher. I have no idea how effective it is, but I can’t feel it when brushing. The back of the brush head has an embedded tongue scraper. 

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The brushing head is small which allows brushing in those hard to reach places. I still have my wisdom teeth and my hygienist admits that it’s almost impossible to effectively brush them because I have a small mouth. The BURST toothbrush does reach back there and I figure all those vibrations have to be better than what I was doing. I want to be using the BURST for a 6-month period to see if my hygienist notices any improvement.

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Using the BURST toothbrush is quite easy. Dentists recommend brushing for a full two minutes, so the BURST toothbrush has a built-in Quadpacer timer to help you follow this rule. The timer is automatically set for two minutes—broken into four 30-sec. intervals. When you’re done, the toothbrush automatically shuts off. The goal is to spend 30 sec on each quadrant of your mouth. For instance—upper right, lower left, etc.

There’s a minor problem I have with this approach. While brushing my teeth, sometimes I need to spit before I’m done. So I turn off the toothbrush after a timed section. Then I just turn it back on to resume—having to remember where I left off. Unfortunately, the timer settings are not adjustable.

A word of warning: Do not pull the toothbrush out of your mouth while it is still on. Those 33,000 per minute vibrations will spread 33,000 (I’m making this number up) tiny drops of toothpaste and saliva all over the bathroom. You’ve been warned.

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As I said, I leave the setting on Whiten. I was unsure of how this setting would work because I have sensitive teeth. However, I have had no discomfort or bleeding with the BURST. That’s even after concentrating the toothbrush on those hard-to-reach wisdom teeth. 

One humorous obstacle I had to overcome was that the vibrations of BURST toothbrush would tickle my mouth to the point I could hardly stand it. The solution was to just keep at it and although it still tickles, I can now put up with it.

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When a brush becomes worn (usually every 3 months), replacing them can be done in two ways. BURST offers a subscription service that will automatically send a new brush head every 3 months for $6. That seems reasonable. When you purchase the BURST toothbrush, you’re signed up for the subscription—but you can cancel anytime. If you do cancel, you can still buy brush heads on the BURST site.

What I like

The BURST toothbrush will actually get me to brush better and longer. Only a dental appointment will confirm how effective it’s been. Also, $70 is not an unreasonable amount to pay for a toothbrush that does what the BURST does.

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What needs to be improved

It would be nice to be able to customize the timer settings. The charging base comes apart too easily.

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Final Thoughts

I would bet that most people don’t brush anywhere close to two minutes. I didn’t. The BURST Sonic Toothbrush has already changed those bad dental habits. It has to be better than what I was doing—and that’s a really good thing.

Price: $69.99 US
Where to buy: Burstoralcare.com
Source: The review sample was provided by Burst. Visit burstoralcare.com for more information.

9 thoughts on “BURST Sonic Toothbrush review”

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  2. I agree that it is yet another battery powered gadget to integrate into our lives. The design looks lifted from Sonicare. I just started using a Sonicare. It seems to clean teeth very well, esp. my back teeth. I have to be careful, though, not to let the plastic portion of the brush hit my teeth during brushing. It would make a grinding noise, and I worry that it would chip my teeth.

    1. I had the same trouble with Sonicare, small mouth meant the hard plastic head = percussion like a jackhammer everytime it bumped opposing teeth. I just couldn’t use it. This BURST brush solves that problem because the bristled end of the head is a softer, slightly rubber-like silicone part of the head. So effective, been using BURST for just shy of a year now. Very pleased. I only put mine on the charger once about every 5 weeks consistently over all these months.

    2. Hey John,
      As a Dental Hygienist and Ambassador for BURST, I just wanted to let you know that if you choose to try BURST you won’t have to worry about that horrible noise of the hard plastic hitting your opposing teeth. A special design feature of the BURST brush head eliminated that issue. BURST also has much softer bristles, more vibrations per minute, and twice the battery life of its competitors. https://burstoralcare.com?coupon_code=NS7A6T

  3. As a dental hygienist for 21 years, I use and recommend BURST. I think the soft tapered bristles are the best on the market for superior plaque and stain removal. Also, I love that it is affordable for my patients. BURST is only $39.99 when recommended by a dental professional like myself. (Feel free to use and share my professional code JHTBRD). The brush heads come on a subscription and are automatically shipped to your door for only $6; solving another common issue of patients not replacing their brush/ brush heads. BURST has a lifetime warranty as long as you keep your subscription; BURST can be the last electric brush you ever need to purchase! BURST always has free shipping and boosts a 90 day guarantee. As a dental hygienists, I love seeing the healthier mouths and whiter smiles from my patients brushing longer and better with their BURST brushes. Thank you for helping promote oral health and your great review!!!

  4. I am a practicing dental hygienist and an Ambassador for BURST Oral Care. This is the absolute best electric/sonic powered toothbrush on the market. I have seen and felt a huge difference in my own oral health. Several of my patients have now purchased the BURST, and they have less sensitive teeth, healthier gums, and less tartar and stain build up. It’s a WIN-WIN!!! Ambassadors for BURST can share our promo codes with basically everyone to receive over 40% off the retail price of $69.99. Use promo code NS7A6T at checkout from burstoralcare.com and you pay only $39.99. NOTE: Whitening Strips and Wonderfully Whitening Toothpaste are also AMAZING!!!
    Gift sets are also available for a discount with code. Or just open this link: https://burstoralcare.com?coupon_code=NS7A6T

  5. Most affordable and best quality sonic toothbrush I’ve used and trust me, I’ve tried them all! I am a BURST Ambassador and dental hygienist. I always test all the new and latest products and this one does not disappoint! I LOVEEEE BURST!! Use promo code FFERVX and save up to $41 off of all of BURST’s amazing products!! $30 off the toothbrush, $5 off white strips, $3 off travel case and toothpaste plus more!!
    Direct link below! Just click and all discounts automatically apply!

  6. The only thing I see here are a bunch of hygienists trying to sell this POS. Just so they can earn their commission. In fact I have one in my chair right now trying to sell me one. They have done a nice job getting the hygienist as their advocates but still very reluctant on the quality of the product. Anytime I see charcoal and coconut oil pulling I know its a scam. Nothing proven on either of these other than giving people false hope.

    1. I am a hygienist of 22 years, while I love my burst what I can tell you is that many people who need an electric toothbrush are resistant to getting one. While I could give you a discount code or direct you to a child’s downgraded vibration toothbrush it has to be you that decides to increase your care.
      In most cases their is actually a diet or health issue that is causing the need for an electric tooth brush. If your dental professional recommends an electric you may want to ask them what else they think may be contributing to your needs instead of resisting the sale. Get more information on your health. In my opinion electric toothbrushes are a bandaid. However, if it is the only thing a client changes it usually does benefit them (if they turn it on).

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