Kids may not balk so much at sunscreen applications if they can help roll it on themselves

roll on sunscreen applicator 1

NEWS – Kids don’t want to delay getting to the pool or the beach for a time-consuming application of sunscreen.  They don’t care how important it is; it’s just boring.  Maybe getting to help apply it with this Solar Buddies Roll-on Sunscreen Applicator will make the activity a little more fun for the kiddo, and his cooperation will make the application a little less difficult for you.

roll on sunscreen applicator 2

Fill the Solar Buddies applicator with your own sunscreen.  The shape is easy for little hands to grip, and the sponge and rollerball design gives a uniform coverage.  The kit is made of PET, polypropylene, and polyurethane.  The sponge should be replaced every 2-3 months.  It holds 100ml of sunscreen; very watery types of sunscreen aren’t recommended, as they can leak.  Of course, adult supervision is necessary to be sure your child is adequately covered.  The applicator isn’t recommended for children under 3.

The Solar Buddies Roll-on Sunscreen Applicator plus one replacement sponge head is $15.00 and additional replacement sponge heads are $7.95 for two at The Grommet.

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