Never search for the end of the roll of tape again

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NEWS – I have one roll of tape that has a dispenser handle, but most of the tape in my house is just plain rolls.  That means I have to search (and search) for the end of the roll of painter’s tape or electrical tape every time I want to use it.  Also, I need to tear the tape when I’ve pulled off the amount I need, because I never have a pair of scissors handy.  If I had a few of these Tadpole Tape Cutters, I’d never have to search for the end or bite through the tape again.

The Tadpole cutters are available in three sizes to fit most rolls of tape:  1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 inch widths.  A bungee cord holds the cutter snugly against the tape roll.  Push a button on the tadpole to free up the end.  When you’ve pulled out what you need, the cutter makes a clean, straight cut through the tape.

Tadpole is made of ABS plastic and stainless steel.  It is compatible with:  electrical, duct, masking, bunker, painters, automotive, and framers/art gallery tapes; it isn’t compatible with the clear, cellophane tape used for wrapping presents.

The Tadpole Tape Cutter is $5.95 for the 1″ size, $6.45 for the 1.5″ size, and $6.95 for the 2″ size at The Grommet.  If you have a lot of tape-cutting needs, they also offer a set with one of each size for $15.95.

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