With the Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector, you can always take the show on the road

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I must admit that as a self-confessed gadget nerd and techie, I am always looking for some sort of device to add a new level of technology, and sometimes a balance of ease versus complexity to my work processes, and to just about any and everything I do.

Today I was reading about a nice little but powerful gadget called the Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector. This is a soda can type design mini projector that is made by Anker, and it is touted as being a portable high-contrast pocket cinema device with built-in WiFi, and a 360 degree omnidirectional speaker. It is capable of projecting an image up to 100 inches, and its battery will last for up to 4 hours. Its operating system is Android 7.1, and there is an app that can be used to control all of its functions. The specifications state that the “DLP’s advanced IntelliBright algorithms deliver a remarkably bright (100 ANSI lumens), vivid picture”. It is very portable weighing in at only 15 ounces, and yet it still provides seamless connectivity utilizing its built-in HDMI port, or USB port, or via screen mirroring.

You can purchase the Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector by Anker on Amazon for $349.

7 thoughts on “With the Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector, you can always take the show on the road”

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  2. It’s a nice design but the inability to cast is a drawback. But the biggest minus is that it’s 854X480 resolution. That’s just not enough. Any projector today must output a 720p picture at the very minimum. And with 4K already here I’d say 1080p is probably the minimum spec I’d consider. Additionally it lacks an audio out that would greatly enhance it’s usefulness.

  3. I ordered one of the capsules from amazon, but sent it back. It is very dim … just like every other pico projector. I was able to load amazon prime and stream my movies over wifi. My biggest problem was it’s lack of file storage or inputs for watching videos off the grid.

    For example: the biggest use scenario for a dim pico projector seems to be while camping or off the grid. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to copy my videos onto the device memory. The gadget has a micro-usb input, so I could use a dongle adapter to plug a USB flashdrive into it … but then you have this weird “rat tail” hanging off. Finally, you can’t use this without bringing the remote control, as they didn’t put enough buttons on it.

    I sent mine back and bought the larger mars projector. The mars is brighter and has more input ports (and control buttons). Unfortunately, I can’t install Amazon prime for streaming on the Mars … but I don’t need to stream if using this while camping.

  4. This doesn’t have Google Play Store support. Need to use 3rd party app store which doesn’t have all the apps.

  5. I bought one on the Kickstarter launch. Hulu did not work with it back then, Netflix was iffy, and Plex just stunk. The projector wasn’t very bright, the app to control it didn’t work, it was heavy and mostly inconvenient to take on trips.

    Some of those things can be fixed. Others, not so much. I think this is a device in search of a purpose but its own limitations make finding that purpose problematic at best. It is too complex to be a kid’s room projector, doesn’t support casting or pass-through (limiting its use in business) and isn’t bright enough for home theater use. I can hook up to a TV in my hotel room, so I think I’ve ticked all the boxes on this one.

  6. I feel like I’ve got a completely different product. I’m stoked with the nebula capsule. I adjusted the brightness in settings (it’s automatically set low to conserve power when not plugged in). I had no problems casting. I upgraded to a beta version of the software after emailing anker for instructions so now have Google Play store. The app to control it from my android phone works perfectly since the latest update. Netflix works perfectly. The brightness is surprisingly good when set properly. The sound is adequate and it can also play through a Bluetooth speaker. The only drawback is the resolution, but that’s related to battery size and therefore portability. I’m very happy with this device. The customer service is also very good. I feel like I should be getting paid for that review, but I’m really not.

  7. My biggest interest is getting the Google play store and services on my nebula capsule. How might I go about getting this, “beta”?

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