This standing desk uses witchcraft to fit in your gear bag

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folding standing desk 1

For years now we’ve all been hearing that sitting all day long is as bad as smoking cigarettes when it comes to your health. To help combat this issue, standing desks have become a popular office accessory. Standing desks perform as you would imagine, they make you stand up to use your computer. They are a great idea but are portable, so you can’t take them with you where ever you go… until now.

folding standing desk 2

The Flat Folding Portable Standing Desk from Brando is a uniquely designed standing desk that you can take anywhere you go. This platform is available in four sizes and is made of a water-repellant material. It folds flat to easily stow in your bag, but pop open when you need to use it. The desk can hold up to 22 lbs! The Flat Folding desk is priced at $49 for the smallest size, up to $67 for the extra large desk. For more info visit

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