This little iron keeps your collars looking perfect

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compact and portable iron

I don’t like ironing, so I try to quickly hang up shirts as soon as the dryer buzzes so they don’t need ironing.  Sometimes, though, the shirt will look fine, but the collar just won’t lay flat, and it needs ironing anyway.  With the Compact Touch-Up and Portable Iron, you won’t have to get out the ironing board and full-sized iron just to touch up a collar.  The iron was created by a Marine to keep his uniform looking good, so you know it will work for you.

The iron has two facing heated plates that smooth out the wrinkles in a collar or sharpen up a crease.  It has angled edges so the iron can fit between buttons to smooth out that area near the neck that never seems to dry flat.  And when needed, those plates can lay flat to serve as a mini iron.

The Touch-Up Iron has six settings for various fabric types:  polyester, silk, wool, cotton, denim, and linen.  It measures 5.25″ x 3.3″ x 1.5″ and the flaps extend to 6.5″; it weighs 0.81 pounds.  It operates on 110V or 220V power.  It’s great for use at home for quick touch ups, and it’s sized perfectly to throw in your suitcase for travel.

The Compact Touch-Up and Portable Iron is $34.95 at The Grommet.

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