Namisu X-01 Aluminum rollerball pen: simple, smooth, solid

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We’re big pen fans ’round The Gadgeteer bullpen (we don’t really have a bullpen, it just sounds cool), and I think our readers are as well, so when I stumbled upon the Namisu X-01 Aluminum rollerball pen, I felt obligated to share. With a very solid, yet simple and smooth appearance, the X-01 Aluminum pen features a twist mechanism and utilizes a Schmidt P8126 refill, which writes smoother than a ballpoint as it uses water-based ink instead of oil-based ink.” However, the X-01 can also be used with Parker-style refills in case you need one in a pinch, or you prefer the Parker (I find the Parker refills to be most adequate myself). The X-01 Aluminum rollerball pen is currently available in Comet Grey or Satin Black, each for £40.00 (about $56US as of this writing). Visit for additional info or to order.

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