‘Heaven’s Gate’ podcast a personal journey through an alien cult

Heaven’s Gate is a well-produced and thought-provoking podcast that takes a deep look at the cult of the same name. Over 20 years ago, this group emerged from obscurity and captivated the world when 39 members took their own lives in a mass suicide. Host Glynn Washington offers insight through interviews with the departed’s loved ones, ex-members and videotapes containing personal messages left behind by the group.

I listened to the series, which released its final episode near the end of December, and found it absolutely riveting. The host himself was a member of a cult in his childhood and offers amazing personal insights into how rational, intelligent individuals can make the choice to leave everything they know to join a new and different family… and even make the ultimate sacrifice to uphold their ideals.

You can listen to the entire 10-episode series for free on Stitcher or wherever you get podcasts.

3 thoughts on “‘Heaven’s Gate’ podcast a personal journey through an alien cult”

  1. I was frequently used on the series if anyone wants to ask me any questions. My facebook page is sawyer heavensgate and my blog is sawyerhg.wordpress.com and my youtube channel is 3spm and my email address is sawyerhg@yahoo.com.

    I enjoyed the series but there was a huge amount they never covered that is even more interesting than what they did cover and I made blog entries of my responses to most episodes. Just search my blog for Pineapple to find them.

    I was with Ti and Do’s cult for 19 years and also wrote a book that reveals in great detail that they were exactly who they said they were and much much more. It’s beyond religion and spirituality and atheism and our science, so it looks like a sci-fi mix of all of it, also addressing conspiracies, ufo’s.

    1. The most accurate information on HG is the info left behind by HG, not Sawyer’s blog and book which he is writing on his own as part of his self-appointed mission here on planet earth which he claims he got from some dreams. Hundreds of hours of audio tapes left behind by the group are being suppressed and Sawyer has stated that he does “not care” that these tapes are being suppressed, probably because his primary interest is promoting his blog, book and himself. Sawyer had no interest in distributing HG’s info after they left in 1997 despite the fact that the group repeatedly stated in their final letters to some former members of the group that they wanted their info to get out. Sawyer did not receive one of these letters.

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