Invent nearly anything with Makey Makey

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In 2015, The Gadgeteer introduced to Makey Makey Go:

Makey Makey Go makes your spacebar edible

Almost three years later, Makey Makey is back; new and improved. The possibilities are endless with this wildcard of a toy. Turn bananas into a xylophone, your own drawing into a touchpad, play-dough into a game controller, buckets of water into a dancing platform, or your staircase into a giant piano! 

Confused? Watch this informational and awesome video made by the creators:

Makey Makey is essentially a circuit board with alligator clips that connect to your computer via USB, making any objects connected interactive and fun.

With Christmas around the corner, you and your kids will love the time you’ll be able to spend together, inventing new gadgets using your household items!

No programming knowledge is required, no software is to be installed, and Makey Makey is compatible with Mac and Windows computers.

I’ll be right back… I’m going to scroll through Facebook using marshmallows as arrow keys… and then…  not… eat them when I’m done…

Get your Makey Makey for $49.93 while they’re in stock now from Amazon!

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