Santa Cruz Wurf Board review

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This is the first time I have written a review while actively using the product I am reviewing.  I am in the standing mode of my workstation and beneath my feet is the Santa Cruz Wurf Board and I feel great.  The Wurf Board is an inflatable pad for use when standing in one place for any amount of time. When I received a standing desk station from my employer, I went out and bought what I thought was the best available pad for standing on while I work.  I thought I had the best there was, that is until I received the Wurf Board.  Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the product, it had everything I thought I needed and I was moderately comfortable using it for long period of time.  The Wurf Board has changed my expectations of a pad for my standing desk. 

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I honestly didn’t know much about the Wurf Board when I agreed to review it.  I had a picture in my mind of what one of these pads was and I thought that this was just another one of those with some bold graphics on it…wrong.  I hadn’t researched enough to know that it is inflatable.  At first, I thought “why would someone want an inflatable standing pad for their desk and how durable can this thing be?”.  Those questions were answered as soon as I inflated it in a matter of seconds using the pump that is included and standing on it for the first time.  INSTANTLY, I could feel the micro movements in my feet and legs and the pressure on the bottom of my feet was gone.

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At this point, I began experimenting with different amounts of air in the board.  When I released some air, the board obviously became softer but I immediately noticed that I was moving a lot more while standing in the same place.  My weight was shifting and I was engaging my core and leg muscles without thinking about it.  I tried it with my shoes on and off, both felt great but honestly, I remove my shoes at every chance I get to use this because of how great it feels.  On the website, there is a link called “The Science” that has a number of resources for customers to utilize to learn about the benefits of standing desks, active standing, overall benefits of movement and more.  I really recommend you checking it out because I was aware of the benefits of my standing desk since, after all “sitting IS the new smoking” but I didn’t think of my feet or legs getting fatigued while using it.

Included in the package is also a poster with different exercises you can do using the Wurf Board.  These are easy motions that you are all most likelyfamiliarr with anyways but using the slight instability of the air filled board helps to further engage those small muscle groups and your core.  I cannot say that I do the exercises every day but I am probably doing some or all of them 2-3 days per work week.  This is a benefit to this product that is not possible with the first standing pad I bought nor did it ever cross my mind.

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Nearly every time someone walks into my office and sees me standing on the Wurf Board, they ask what it is.  People have seen standing pads before but never one with a surfboard graphic on it.  I don’t mind the surfboard look since that is part of the marketing behind this product but I do wish there were other options in this product.  I wear a size 14 shoe so the large was the only good option for me.  The Santa Cruz is offered in small, medium and large sizes ($199, $239, $269) for either more space to move on or to accommodate larger feet like mine.  All of the Santa Cruz models have a similar surfboard graphic on them.  They also offer the Maui Wurf Board, which is currently offered in the medium size ($299) and features a slight curve on the bottom that encourages even ore movement while standing.  This product is offered in three different colors and features a water/geometric design.

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The large that I have is 32.9″ x 17.7″ and can hold up to 300 pounds.  It weighs in at only 2.2 pounds so it is very easy to pick up and move around.  The surface features a no slip dimpled design that grips all types of flooring when weight is applied to the board.  It is designed to work with or without shoes but not stiletto heals.  Every board comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect and offers free shipping within the USA.  All Wurf Boards are FDA Class I registered Medical Devices, which may open doors for help paying for this product with your FSA or insurance but please check with your individual policy first, I just thought it was worth noting.

Overall I am extremely happy with the Santa Cruz Large Wurf Board.  I use is every day and slip in some desk exercise with it when I can.  I would definitely recommend this product to those who have or who are looking to get a standing desk.  I do wish it was offered with other graphics options as I am not a surfer and it looks a little out of place in my office but the function it provides makes this something I would buy no matter what the color or design is.  The price is definitely more than a vast majority of pads out there but having owned another standing desk pad before that I paid about $150 for, I think this is well worth the money since I am able to stand at my desk for much longer using this than I was able to previously.

The sample for this review was provided by JumpSport Inc.  For more information on the model I reviewed, please visit the product page and order from Amazon.

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  2. Greetings

    I I purchased the 32 by 17 wurf board about a year ago. I loved it. It stayed at the floor by my desk and never moved. I always uded it bare footed. it sprung a leek along the seam. I have tried using tape and glue to fix it. Nothing has worked. I want to get another. Can I get a discount? I am happy to return mine so you can see the problem or send you a photo.

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