JooJoobs American Flag Wallet review

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I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a leather wallet guy these days.  I typically find them to be a bit on the thicker and bulkier side, and I’ve become more of a minimalist wallet EDCer.  But something about this JooJoobs American Flag Wallet drew me in.  America may not be perfect, but I love it dearly and to me our flag not only symbolized what is great about our nation, it reminds me of those who have served (including my grandfather) and died to protect us.  So this wallet automatically had a very special appearance to me. But beyond the Stars and Bars Stars and Stripes, what was it like?  Let’s find out.  Gadget on! [EDIT: “Stars and Bars” refers to the Confederate flag; “Stars and Stripes” refers to the American flag. Apologies.]


  • Size: 3″ by 4.25″ by 1/2″
  • Holds 8 – 10 cards + folded cash
  • Made from distressed, full-grain cowhide leather
  • Our signature hand-stitching
  • All products are handmade, made to order


  • Stitching: Dark Brown (reviewed here) or Natural Tan
  • Personalization (initials or logo) can be added to the inside for an additional $6


JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 00The JooJoobs American Flag Wallet arrived in a simple plastic envelope with a JooJoobs decal sealing the flap.  JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 01

Features, Functions and Performance

JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 02First impressions: High quality, great leather.  You know how you can pick up and handle something and you can feel the quality in it?  This wallet did that for me.JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 03Clean design, both front and back.

JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 04The stitching around the perimeter was flawless and secure.JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 05The embossed American Flag looked great.  Very understated yet dignified, fitting of Old Glory.  .JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 06Inside, there are two pockets on either side.  I found it interesting that the pockets have slightly different shapes.  On the left the pockets have cutout notches to aid in removing cards.  On the right, the pockets have more of a curved shape.JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 07Closed and unloaded, the wallet is fairly thin, though with a total of six layovers of leather stacked up, its a bit too thick for me to call it a “minimal” wallet.JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 08While the thickness of the wallet doesn’t necessarily lend itself to being called minimal, its footprint is fairly small, which lends itself a bit to being used as a front-pocket-carry wallet.JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 09Above, I’ve loaded the wallet with a total of 6 cards and three once-folded bills.JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 10Above, you can see that the loaded wallet does grow a bit in thickness, expanding to almost 2x its unloaded thickness.JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 11As mentioned above, this Dark Brown stitching looks great all around, and I found myself wondering what the Natural Tan thread would look like on this wallet.
JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 12Above, the stitching along the back.JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 13As mentioned above, this wallet has a fairly slim footprint, which helps keep its overall size down.
JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 14 JooJoos AmericanFlagWallet 15


I really like the JooJoos American Flag Wallet.  The distressed, full-grain cowhide leather is excellent: durable, rich color and that glorious leather smell.  The stitching is impeccable as well, and I think it should last for years.  The design inside is simple, with four pockets that allow up to 8 – 10 cards + folded cash.  Finally, the embossed American Flag design is very classy and well done, worthy of the dignity of our nation’s symbol.  It also has a very affordable price: Just $39 for a leather wallet of this quality is a bit of a steal.

Update 5/13/20

After doing the initial review of the JooJoobs American Flag Wallet, I gave it to my teenage son as a birthday present. After using it for some time, his feedback was that the wallet was fine for a few cards, but very unweildy for cash, which has to be folded in half once (and it doesn’t fit in the wallet this way), or twice (and this makes the wallet too thick). Also, the flag on the front had nearly disappeared after just a few months of use.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by JooJoobs. Visit their site for more info or to order.


Product Information

Price:$37.00 (add $6 for personalization)
  • None (well, maybe some cash and/or credit cards to put in it)
  • Excellent leather quality: rugged, durable and that glorious leather smell
  • Slim thickness for a leather wallet
  • Reasonable price
  • American Flag design is understated yet classic
  • None

8 thoughts on “JooJoobs American Flag Wallet review”

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  2. It bothers me that the flag is wrong. It should have seven dark (red) stripes, not six. Also, “Stars and Bars” is the Confederate battle flag. Ours is the Stars and Stripes.

    1. Derek, thanks for visiting The Gadgeteer and for your comments. I did a bit of investigating and found that it appears that you are partially correct. If the dark stripes on the wallet’s flag are indeed intended to represent the red stripes, then there should be 7 of them, not 6. However, if you take the topmost stripe of the wallet’s flag (a light one) and consider it to be a red stripe, the number of light (red) and dark (white) stripes is correct at 7 and 6, respectively. Although I grant that it does seems backwards to consider the dark stripes as the white ones, which is something that I hope JooJoobs will consider updating.

      In addition, I learned something new: I’d heard the term “Stars and Bars” used in the past to refer to the US Flag, but that usage is indeed incorrect: as you stated, “Stars and Bars” refers to the flag of the Confederate States of America, while “Stars and Stripes” refers to the flag of the United States of America. Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve edited the review to reflect what you have pointed out in your comment above. Thank you for your patriotism and for setting me straight in a clear, concise and respectful way.

  3. The embossed image of the flag is a “negative”. The blue field is light and the white stars are dark, hence the reversal of the red and white stripes to light and dark.

    1. Phil’s right.
      When branding, you have to turn images to black and white. We’ve tried both ways, and it looks best this way on the wallet.
      Awesome review guys, we really appreciate.
      Kindest Regards

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