Julie’s gadget diary – No iPhone 8 till next year?

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The Apple rumor mill is churning wildly today with news (should I call it fake news, if it’s still just a rumor?) that we might not see the mythical bezel-less iPhone 8 until 2018 instead of later this fall when Apple typically rolls out new phones. There appear to be problems in the supply chain with the availability of critical components.

This autumn (usually in September) won’t be completely devoid of new iPhones though, Apple will most likely launch the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus models.

-Queue the cricket noises-

Does anyone really care about iPhone 7s devices at this point when all the hype is for the iPhone 8? After all, wasn’t the iPhone 7 just an updated iPhone 6?

It’s true that I haven’t been an iPhone fan for several years, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about a potential delay for the iPhone 8. I’m always excited when Apple trots out a new device because I feel like there’s always the hope that it might be the one to seduce me back to the Apple empire.

What do you think? Bummed or meh?

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5 thoughts on “Julie’s gadget diary – No iPhone 8 till next year?”

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  2. Michael O\'Donnell

    Technology evolution (not revolution – that was the original iPhone) becomes more difficult over time. The challenge is most of Apple’s iPhone product characteristics meet most of their markets’ needs TODAY (it’s why the iPhone 7 as you point out was not well received – evolution, not revolution); as do Apple’s competitors products. And I believe that having a new ‘iPhone’ is as much a fashion characteristic as anything else. Yes, we could argue the pixel density, till the cows come home, but it’s all pretty darn good today!

    Now trying to significantly change the markets’ needs with new break out features requires substantially more revolution (than evolution). And I suspect it’s challenging Apple’s supply chain to deliver. Making 10 is easy… Making a million is another story. And I do NOT suspect its cost, as Apple can darn near charge what they want and ‘fashion’ buyers will pay it. If this delay is accurate, Apple may be creating market needs simply by waiting longer.

    (Or I could be completely wrong;)

  3. Don’t care what phone it is…they “technically” haven’t changed since the first smartphone, the original iPhone. All, are rectangular slabs. Other than brighter, clearer screens, faster processors, improved cameras, and perhaps some gimmicks here and there, nothing really has changed (other than getting thinner, less battery and MORE expensive).
    Technical innovation has no one really looking outside the box. Where are the folding screens, the flexible screens that have been ballyhooed for the past several years.
    The one thing that gets me, as someone who started messing with electronics when I was 12, in the early 70’s, is if you look at the typical trend for consumer electronics, over time, the products have improved, and become cheaper. The PC, laptop, DVD, LCD-LED televisions have vastly improved in quality & performance, and the price trend has been down, but, with smartphones, the price has gone up. Now, the so called flagships, are upwards of $800 dollars, and as high as $1,000 dollars. Have phone manufacturers figured out how to nix the trend of less expensive electronics, over time, or, are consumers that lacking in knowledge in economics?

  4. Meh.
    Just left the iPhone 7 for the GS8 a few weeks ago; and while Android is still far from perfect (can we still say fragmentation?lag? UI?) it has come so far. Enough to the point where it doesn’t get stuck on me and I can work with it as a daily driver.
    Plus add in the benefits that Android gives (flexible notifications, more control) and for now Im back on the other side of the fence.
    That is, as Julie said, until Cupertino can seduce me again 🙂

    1. How are you liking the feel of the GS8? I’ve also been using one for the past week. I like a lot of things about it but still haven’t made up my mind if I’m going to end up buying one for myself.

      1. So far so good. Honestly its much faster than previous models and theres still evidence of lag here and there but nothing like it used to be.
        Camera is absolutely amazing. Speakers are absolutely rubbish. Screen is unlike anything on the market,, truly gorgeous.
        I am even enjoying the new Touchwiz interface. It seems Samy’s competition with Google is finally benefiting the consumer! Bixby, even without the bells its missing is still pretty cool, and Bixby in the camera app is very nice feature. Sort of built in Google goggles but a little better.
        WiFi and Bluetooth radios so far are doing very well as is the cell (although service is iffy but that could easily be my issue here and not the phone).
        Can we not talk about VR? YES! YES yes!. So much fun and given the power of the phone it is truly immersive, albeit you must have good headphones, which is not a problem given the deal Samy gave out if you pre-ordered the GS8.
        So…. in short.. I like the phone lol. Its a very strong contender to the iPhone and honestly if Google ever truly addressed the UI issues could easily overtake Cupertino.

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