Don’t break your back carrying drywall or plywood, get a Gorilla Gripper instead

gorilla gripper 2

I saw this tool being advertised on Facebook this weekend and thought it looked really useful for DIYers and weekend home remodelers. It’s the Gorilla Gripper and it literally gives you a better grip on drywall and plywood panels.

The Gorilla Gripper is basically a clamp that grips the top edge of a sheet of plywood, drywall, steel, etc and provides a much easier and safer way to transport it with one hand instead of over your head carried between with two hands.

gorilla gripper 1

Gorilla Gripper sells a couple versions of this tool, from the heavy duty model shown above which retails for $50 – $70 on Amazon, to a glass-filled nylon polymer version that is priced at $29.95.

You can read more about the Gorilla Gripper by visiting and you can order one through their site and Amazon.

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