This PK Design Labs tactical pen is made of nightmares

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pkdesign pk tpe 3

I love pens which should be obvious from all the pen reviews I’ve done. But the PK-TPE tactical pen from PK Design Lab scares me a little. It looks like the sort of tool that aliens would use for unspeakable medical experiments.

The PK Design Lab PK-TPE is a tactical pen that is made of CNC machine milled high-grade aerospace aluminum and uses Fisher Pen Company Space Pen ink cartridges.

pkdesign pk tpe 1

The pen has been designed to be used as a normal writing instrument and as a weapon when bad guys or aliens jump you.

Hey, why do we have to append the words “tactical pen” to the end of a pen’s name? After all, can’t any pen be a tactical pen? All you have to do is grip any pen in your fist and jab the point in a bad guy’s or alien’s eye. Not that I’ve ever tried that with a Bic pen and a bad guy (or alien) before. I’m just thinking out loud.

pkdesign pk tpe 2

You can read more about the PK-TPE tactical pen at and order one for $93.00 from Amazon.

6 thoughts on “This PK Design Labs tactical pen is made of nightmares”

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  2. We agree with you. What’s next… “tactical” chop sticks???

    We have stopped reviewing any item with the word “tactical” in the marketing blurb for the following reason:

    That word is starting to just be a marketing “dog whistle” to make something seem “Seal Team Six”-ish and so they can up the price tag for an everyday item.

  3. we’ve all heard the space pen story…yes?
    NASA…space pen
    USSR…no.2 pencil

    a combat pencil would probably incorporate a titanium sleeve and super hard, barely readable graphite inserts

    BTW…there are tactical chopsticks

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