12 yr old MuthuVignesh Meenakshisundaram wants to steal my job

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Yesterday I told you about John Goodenough a 94 year old physicist who has invented a new battery technology that will change the world, and today I want to tell you about a 12 year old gadget fanatic who is part of the next generation of gadget reviewers.

12 year old MuthuVignesh Meenakshisundaram started his gadget review website Yay! orNay? (love that domain name!) about a year ago when he was only 11 years old.

Muthu makes me feel lazy because when I was 11 years old, my main activity was laying on my bed reading and drawing comics! I was interested in learning more about this up and coming Gadgeteer, so I asked him some questions:

What grade are you in and what is your favorite subject in school? I’m currently in the 7th Grade and my favorite subject in school would be Science. Specifically the technology part of it, but I like all aspects of the class and it comes naturally to me, I usually don’t need to study for tests and quizzes and mostly ace them.

What do you want to do after high school? After High School, I would love to attend MIT. Which is my dream college! I would probably attempt to get a scholarship and would take a Software-related course.

What do your parents think about you having your own website? My parents are extremely supportive and encouraging of me and my website. They love what I do! Although, one thing they are strict about is I have to get all “A’s”, academics come first, if I get anything lower than a “B+”, I will have to stop reviewing products until the grade increases. I’m also only allowed to do reviews and such on weekends.

What do you like most about reviewing products? The thing I probably like most about reviewing products is the feeling that you have the power and that many people rely on you to give an honest review/opinion on a product that they might be looking into for purchase. Besides that, I would say the cool products that you can come across. There are so many companies and products that no one has ever heard of, but they make some super cool products.

What is your favorite gadget right now? There are so many awesome gadgets in the world right now but as of now, The Google Pixel Line. I personally love the Google Pixel even though it’s not a budget-friendly phone, although others may criticize its design, I love it; I’m enthralled that Google announced they would be making a successor to The Pixel!

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Mac or Windows? Windows, no doubt. But, Mac is an awesome and super powerful OS.

Android or iPhone? Android, IOS is nice, but nothing can beat Android’s customizability, especially the stock flavors of Android.

It sure sounds like Muthu has his head on straight when it comes to grades first, gadgets second. He is also very lucky that his parents support his work on his website.

I read through a few of Muthu’s reviews for products like smart water bottles, games, pens, mechanical pencils, and more. Muthu is a very good writer for someone of his age. He’s got a bright future ahead of him because his reviews are well written and to the point.

Be sure to visit yayornay.tk to read Muthu’s reviews.

3 thoughts on “12 yr old MuthuVignesh Meenakshisundaram wants to steal my job”

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  2. Hey Muthu,

    Nice site. I work for a school district and intend on using this as a great example for student learning how to build sites and publish something they are passionate about. I enjoyed your reviews and found some useful information.

    We just bought some IFIXIT Pro Tech Toolkits for our techs and we love them. Nice to read your overview as well.

    Good luck with your site!


    1. Thank you so much! Exciting to hear that your district is implementing tech and website making into your curriclulum! A friend, an awesome teacher, and myself are currently working on a project that will hopefully set our school apart from any other in our area! That’s going to be on the site soon, so be sure to stay posted for that!

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