Make your home smarter by replacing your light switches with Brilliant Controls

Brilliant Controls replace your existing light switches to add smart home control capabilities to your rooms. The Brilliant Control features a color LCD touch screen that allows everyone in the house to access music, temperature, and more with just a simple touch or voice command. Don’t worry, no smartphone is required.

The controls are touch, voice, and motion controlled and also have a built-in camera and microphone so they can be used as an intercom system.

Compatible with SmartThings and Wink hubs, Brilliant Controls not only allow you to control your lights but with Amazon Alexa built in, you’ll be able to check weather forecasts, sports scores, add items to your Amazon shopping list and more.

Brilliant Controls will be available this summer with prices that start at $199, but the first thousand Brilliant Controls will be sold at a special early-buyer price starting at $149. For more info visit

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