Evutec Selenium series iPhone 7 case review

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Your smartphone case really isn’t something that you should think that much about. But it should definitely accomplish several things while you aren’t thinking about it.  It should never get in the way.  It should protect your phone if you drop it.  It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  And it should be quality enough that it will last a long time.  I mean, after all, when you drop almost $1,000 these days for the latest and greatest phone, your smartphone case better be something that protects that investment and at least checks the box on most of those things.  So how did the $29.95 Evutec Selenium case do? Let’s find out.

The Selenium series of cases for iPhone 7 from Evutec comes in several different colors, but they all have the same unique features.  The proprietary flexible material is called Evusoft and according to the manufacturer will prevent degradation from UV light, time, and active use, so they claim you won’t see any yellow discoloration that you see over time in many other plastic smartphone cases.  There is a band of Advanced Composite Material (in the case of my review unit, Gold in color) around all the edges and corners of the case that creates additional shock absorption as well as increased rigidity.



There are cutouts for the speakers and buttons and power jack, and tactile buttons over the power and volume buttons of the phone.  The tactile buttons perform great and there were never any performance issues with the buttons.  The Evutac Selenium is thin enough to not take too much away from the beautiful design of the iPhone 7, and in fact the case is somewhat clear so you can see the phone through the case.  It enhances the ability to grip the phone which is great, because the smooth edges of the iPhone 7 can cause the phone to slip out of your hands from time to time.


Overall, this case is excellent in form and function, and it comes in several different shades of color.  And the price is right as well.  I highly recommend it.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Evutec. Please visit their site for more info and you can order from their Amazon store.


Product Information

  • iPhone 7
  • Thin case
  • Great price
  • Tactile buttons
  • None

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  2. Re this part of your review – “I mean, after all, when you drop almost $1,000 these days for the latest and greatest phone, your smartphone case better be something that protects that investment and at least checks the box on most of those things”. This is a very important part of the requirements for a cell phone case have you have not indicated how well the case protects the phone.

    Do we really care how good it looks if it does not protect the phone.

  3. Point well made. I should have added this to the review but I didn’t. My wife dropped the phone twice. Once while she was sitting at the dinner table and it dropped on the hardwood floor beside her chair. I would say that it fell probably 2 to 3 feet and it landed on its back. Nothing bad happened to the phone. The second time she was getting out of the car in the garage and it fell about 2 feet onto the concrete floor landing on its side. Again, no damage was seen on the phone. Having just listed those details, I cannot say that the phone was dropped from a large height, so just as sure as I’m standing here someone may experience a cracked screen when they drop their phone on the hardwood floor with this case. But I feel very confident with this case.

  4. This Smartphone case is very nice. I am also using same mobile case only it is very protective for mobile phone.once while I was just leaving out from my house its was drop on steps it landed after 2-3 roles on the surface around 4 feets height. But it did not get any damage. Well protected.

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