Revive worn and broken crayons with the CrayonPop


One of my best memories of Christmas when I was a kid, was getting a brand new box of Crayola Crayons. Opening the box and seeing all the perfect new crayons made me smile. But that smile didn’t last very long once I started using them. It didn’t take long for tips to break and those lovely pointy wax sticks to become boring old nubbins. If Elmer’s CrayonPro® electric crayon sharpener would have been around back in the 70’s, my smile would have lasted longer than Christmas afternoon. The CrayonPro is an electric sharpener that has been designed specifically to “restore” crayons to their original glory. The sharpener has a suction cup base and a patented cutting mechanism that sharpens standard crayons and trims the paper covering to make crayons look like they just came out of a brand new box. The CrayonPro is temporarily out of stock almost every where I look including Amazon. I did find it available at Classroom Direct for $49.77. You can read more about the CrayonPro at Hopefully it will be back in stock at major retail outlets soon since it would make a great holiday gift for your favorite coloring fanatic.

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