Grip6 belts are simple, interchangeable & minimal

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I’m a fan of simplicity and minimalism, but also of function and durability. The fellows from Grip6 must be kindred spirits because they put these elements into the design and construction of their belts. Grip6 belts consist of only a metal plate and a strip of webbing. That’s it. No traditional buckle, no holes, no flap of material sticking out. The buckle is simply a single piece of anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum that is available in nine colors. The strap is a strip of 1.5-inch wide, military-grade nylon available in five colors and multiple lengths to accommodate various waist sizes. How do they work together? The ultra low-profile buckle has a slight curve to it and simple friction holds the ends of the strap in the buckle’s vertical slots, which are tucked in behind. That’s it! The buckles and straps are easily interchangeable and can be mixed and matched for loads of color combinations.  A Grip6 belt will run you $35 ($20 per buckle and $15 per strap). Visit for more info or to order.

4 thoughts on “Grip6 belts are simple, interchangeable & minimal”

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    1. Thanks for that feedback, Steve! Do you find it challenging to secure it? Seems like it might be difficult to do that, but I’ve never tried one (though I’d like to give one a go and see).

      1. It may seem awkward the first couple of times that you put it on, but after that there is nothing to it. Super easy to put on, take off and adjust when needed. And I love how easy it is to switch out different buckles whenever you want. Literately, 10 seconds.

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