Philips Norelco OneBlade electric trimmer and shaver review

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Shaving, love it or hate it men have to do it sometimes, I mean even if you just have to trim up a beard to keep it healthy. If you have seen any TV lately you would get the impression that shaving is big business with double blade razors, triple blade razors, German razor blades, it’s all about recurring revenue. Myself, I have been growing some sort of facial hair for the last two years, with varying lengths and thicknesses. To trim my beard I have been using a Wahl beard trimmer, but it is heavy and a little cumbersome. The folks at Philips Norelco have thought about this and come up with the OneBlade.

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Before we get too far into this review let me set some criteria for my review. I did not intend to review the OneBlade as an everyday shaving razor replacement and based on the information put out on the product by Philips Norelco, neither do they. The OneBlade, in my honest opinion, is best used for trimming, shaping and maintaining your facial hair, and that’s how I am approaching this review. The OneBlade comes with the following in the package:

  • OneBlade handle
  • OneBlade blade
  • Trimming combs
  • Power charger
  • Instruction manual


The OneBlade has two main parts, the handle, and the blade. The blade looks similar to a cartridge razor blade with the exception of the edge that resembles a trimmer. The blade slides into the handle for use and it can only be inserted one way to avoid confusion. Having a removable blade will allow you to change the blade when it gets dull (Philips Norelco suggest you replace the blade every 4 months).


The OneBlade handle has a nice rubberized texture on the sides and a combination of matte gray and glossy gray on the front and back. The front of the OneBlade has the on/off switch towards the middle and a blade release switch at the top. The Philips Norelco logo is also there.


The back of the OneBlade has the UL and other technical information.


The bottom of the OneBlade has the charging receiver.

The top of the OneBlade has the receiver for the blades.


Charging the OneBlade is accomplished by plugging the charger into a wall outlet and the other end into the OneBlade handle. The green light on the wall plug will light up letting you know that the OneBlade is charging.


To help you with maintaining your beard, the OneBlade includes three combs (you may be more familiar with them being called guards). The combs come in sizes 1, 3, and 5. The combs do look a little boxy when on the OneBlade and using them feels a little clunky to me. I will say that the combs did work well and I am maintaining my beard/stubble using the number 3 comb.

So, what’s my bottom line here? I like the Philips Norelco OneBlade. As a tool to trim and maintain my facial hair/beard it works well. The lightweight and rechargeable ability makes the OneBlade a good travel companion. The ability to use it as a wet shaver with shaving cream is a plus. You can use the OneBlade for “manscaping” I did give it a try it works well. As I stated in the article above the OneBlade is not really a tool for everyday shaving, especially if you want a close shave. The OneBlade is available on the Philips website as well as several local retailers for a cost of $34.99, replacement blades will cost you $14.99 also on the Philips webpage.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Philips Norelco. Visit their site for more info and Amazon to order.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Philips Norelco
  • Compact
  • Good beard groomer
  • None

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13 thoughts on “Philips Norelco OneBlade electric trimmer and shaver review”

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  2. Is there an attachment that would work in the very delicate nostril area?

    I use the traditional tiny scissors to trim in there, and have tried various rotary implements, but have yet to find a tool that makes it easy.

    1. Yes! I use mine to shave daily, I am amazed at how close it gets. Plus I grew a beard and the attachments do the job quite well, I use the naked blade to do my neck and lines.
      I started out using my fathers twist to open razor decades ago and have had every electric or manual razor out there since then. This is by far The Best Razor I ever owned.

  3. @Emil_M there is not a nose trimming attachment.

    @Cyril Walsh you can use it everyday but you will not get as close of a shave with the One Blade as you would with a real razor.

  4. Id like to be able to wet shave with a nimble razor, whilst leaving 1mm of stubble. Is this the closest tool for something like that?

  5. My husband has the one blade electric shaver but broke the part where it holds the blade in place, it is the rubber clip that broke and was wondering if there are replacement parts for it, it comes out i removed the blade and it is what holds the blade in place the broke, would just need to replace that part, is it possible….

    1. have the same issue green light stays on from when it’s plugged in 4, 6, 8, 12 hours later nothing changes so I have no indication of the charge level.

      philips oneblade model qp2520

      1. Thats funny mine blinks while charging and powers off (light goes off) when completly charged. I have it about a year sooo 11/12 2019

  6. The charger is proprietary. Don’t know why any designer would do that these days. My cheap China-made shaver has a micro-USB charger.

  7. I have no indication on when is my philips one blade model qp2520 is fully charge. I guess some have the same concern on there is no light to indicator showing its fully charged Larry G.

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