I had no idea that grass flip flops were a thing

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Can you remember what it felt like to run through the yard with no shoes and socks on your feet when you were a little kid? I thought I was the fastest runner in the world when I ran barefoot. Yeah, I wasn’t… But feeling the cool grass between my toes made me feel different. Faster. Freer… Now that I’m an adult, the only running I’ve done recently was to the bathroom during my last colonoscopy prep. Too much info? Sorry 😉

When I happened to see these grass flip flops this morning, I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. It’s crazy, but there are several brands of these sandals that feature a fake grass footbed that is supposed to mimic the feel of soft refreshing grass between your toes. You get all the foot loving nature feels without all the lawn mowing effort.

The synthetic turf flip flops are available in sizes for children and adults and are priced from about $20 to $40 per pair. Check Amazon for more info.

6 thoughts on “I had no idea that grass flip flops were a thing”

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  2. At first glance this seems like the most hipstery hipster thing to ever hipster, but then since it’s artificial, they probably wouldn’t like it, so someone will be growing real grass soon.

  3. They obviously can’t be real grass. I can’t tell if this is legitimate criticism or not. Is there a better type of synthetic grass the sole should be made out of? I think they are a pretty neat idea but my worry would be that the texture they had coming out of the box might fade too quickly.

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