Naztech MagBuddy Cup Holder Mount review

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Having an easy way to mount your smartphone in your car is important if you want to use the phone for navigation or for in-car audio entertainment. There are all sorts of solutions on the market to mount phones to windshields, air vents, CD slots and more. When I’m shopping for a car mount, I want one that is easy to install, easy to use, doesn’t get in the way of car controls and requires no special tools for installation. Today I want to tell you about the Naztech MagBuddy Cup Holder Mount. It ticks all my requirement boxes and is also affordable. Let’s take a look.


What’s in the box?

Naztech MagBuddy Cup Holder Mount
Magnetic holder
2 MagBuddy plates


What is it?

The Naztech MagBuddy Cup Holder Mount is one of the many mounts that are offered by Naztech that allow you to easily position your phone for viewing while driving. This particular solution has been designed specifically to be used in one of your vehicle’s existing cup holders.


The MagBuddy has a plastic base that fits in a standard cup holder and has an 11-inch flexible goose neck with a ball joint on the end.


The base has been designed to be compatible with most traditional cup holders regardless of the diameter. A knob on the base allows the fit of the cup mount to be customized to the size of the cup holder so that it can be held securely in place.


The magnetic holder attaches to the end of the goose neck. It has four powerful Neodymium magnets that securely holds the device even on bumpy roads.


Installation of the MagBuddy plate

The MagBuddy comes with two steel plates that have 3M adhesive on the back. You can stick a plate directly to the back of your phone or you can place it between the back cover and the battery, or between the phone and a case.


For my testing, I placed one of the plates between the back of my Nexus 6P and the thin plastic case that I use. The case still fit just fine and the plate stayed in place without using the 3M adhesive. Unlike the small disk that I’d been using for the iOMount car mount that I’ve been using, the MagBuddy plate is larger and thicker.


Installation of the MagBuddy Cup Holder Car Mount

My test vehicle is a 2013 MINI Cooper S which has two cup holders directly in front of the gear shift.


Twisting the adjustment knob on the base of the MagBuddy Car Mount extends or retracts the sides to increase/decrease the diameter of the mount so that it will remain securely in the cup holder.


Installation is quick, painless and requires almost zero effort and no tools.


Once installed, I could then adjust the shape of the goose neck and angle of the attached magnetic holder so that the phone’s display was at the right angle for optimal viewing. In my MINI, the location of the cup holder mount and goose neck ended up being a little awkward as it obstructed the heating and cooling controls of my car. However, it was easy to move the holder out of the way when I need to turn a knob or press a button. The layout of all cars is different, so that’s something to consider when you’re looking for a cup holder style mount like this one.

The magnetic holder at the end of the goose neck is very strong. Once you touch the back of your phone to it, it’s there to stay even when driving over rough roads and bumps. I live on a gravel road that has ruts and pot holes, so I gave the mount a good test. My phone never fell off or shifted position on the mount. The only thing I noticed is that there was some wobble when driving over uneven roads.

Switching from using the phone from portrait to landscape orientation is as easy as reaching over and rotating the phone on the mount. The magnets are strong enough to hold on to the phone as you rotate it. Removing the phone is just as easy and takes only one hand. Just grab it and pull. But doing so will probably cause the goose neck to move a bit, so you may be constantly adjusting its position each time you go to use it.

Final thoughts

When it comes to easy installation and use, the Naztech MagBuddy Cup Holder gets an A+. I can’t find anything to complain about with this easy to use car mount. I love the strong magnets that allow for one-handed attachment, detachment, and rotation. If you’ve been shopping for a cup holder style mount for your phone, definitely give this one a look.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Naztech. Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to price check.


Product Information

  • Simple to install
  • Strong magnets
  • Affordable
  • One handed operation
  • May have some wobble on rough roads

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  2. It worked for a couple months but the plastic between cup holder and extension wand is flimsy. I was always careful and gentle with. I have had two other carriers but tried this because of magnets. So I was always gentle on wand; Finally broke. I have tried Naztech 1800 customer support number countless times at all times and always goes to voicemail no answer yet. I have emailed them to customer support and no answer yet. California company is very low on the scale of service and support after the sale. Sadly would not recommend the product for long term use.

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