TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review

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There are tons of different types of keyboards out there.  Some are good for home use, some for quiet offices, and other for gaming. VicTsing Technology has come to us with the chance to review the fun looking TOMOKO 104-Key Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. I love the tactile feedback of mechanical switches, so let’s see what this one has to offer.Note: Images can be clicked on to view a larger size.


The TOMOKO 104-Key wired mechanical gaming keyboard is mostly black, with green LEDs on either side of the keyboard, and six rows of different LEDS illuminating the keys.  It comes with 9 backlit effects, which are super fun to use while gaming or just normal typing, especially at night with a dark room.  It features blue mechanical switches, for a very click-y sound and tactile feedback while typing.


The TOMOKO keyboard comes with a small user manual and keycap puller, in case you need to replace or clean keys.


On the right side of the keyboard, you have various function key options for different lighting.  The effects included are breathing, wave marquee, snake marquee, reactive mode, ripple mode and more.  There are also multimedia keys along the top row  that are activated by using the Fn key.


The design is what I call “loud” and “funky”.  It’s a pretty edgy looking keyboard, that has some green LEDs along the side and top of the keyboard. These stay on constantly, which I found a bit annoying at night when I shut off the computer or left it in standby mode. The LEDs cannot be dimmed or shut off.



The keyboard connects via USB, and is compatible with PC or Mac.

I used the TOMOKO mechanical gaming keyboard on my Mac for a few weeks with no problem; I just used the Windows key for the Command key.  There was no ghosting or lag whenever I typed quickly, and I loved the clicky feedback of the blue switches. When I tried it on my Windows PC to play games, it has fantastic response times, and pressing multiple keys at once was not a problem.  It’s a really nice keyboard for anyone who likes tactile feedback and responsiveness. The only thing that was missing is a few USB ports to connect a mouse or other peripherals. For the price however, I’d recommend it for any gamer or typist who is looking for a nice keyboard with fun features.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by VicTsing Technology. Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to order.


Product Information

  • Excellent bounce when pressing keys due to blue switch technology
  • No ghosting when pressing multiple keys at once
  • Colorful LEDs
  • Decent price for a mechanical keyboard
  • Decorative green lighting cannot be turned off or dimmed when PC is turned off
  • Design takes up a lot of space on desk
  • No USB hub built into keyboard

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