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Wow! That was my first reaction when I opened the box for my Levitator stand up desk.  Was it a desk or art?  The acrylic panels are so bright and airy, and cheerful!

My office is not, it has more of a quiet and peaceful vibe to it, I wondered how the Levitator would fit in.  I put the Levitator desk in place immediately. Unlike some of my other review items, there really is no installation or configuration!  Just set it where you want it.  I didn’t even have to clean off my desk; it went right on top of my sedimentary filing system (ie; stacks of paper), I did clean up before taking the picture though.   I don’t use a laptop so I put my wireless keyboard and mouse on top and tilted both my monitors up a bit.  This may not be the perfect solution but it works.  And I get to stand up.  These last few weeks have been heavy on the sitting tasks, which can be a literal pain in the butt.

I’ve tried the kneeling chair, ugh.  The novelty was interesting for a while but it really made me feel more like church than office.  The exercise ball ‘chair’ was fun, but a little like chewing gum; boing-boing-boing.  I found that bouncing is not conducive to thinking, at least for me.  Other standing desks I’ve looked at seem heavy, complicated and expensive.  Plus I don’t want to redesign my office around a new desk.  The Levitator standing desk promised more stability and a more natural, simple, approach.


The Levitator desk is made of an aluminum frame 12” tall, 13” deep and 33” wide with colored acrylic panels.  The lower shelf is 7.25” off the desk and 25” wide.  The top shelf is generous enough for my keyboard, mouse, a coffee or bottle of water and a note pad.  I put my iPhone on the bottom shelf.  I’m not sure if I’m actually more organized, but it looks less cluttered, or maybe it’s just that “I’m above it all” now.

When/If I want to sit, moving the Levitator is easy. It’s not attached to anything so I can just move my keyboard and mouse and set the Levitator desk to one side.

I’m 5’6” and the desk brings my keyboard and mouse to a very comfortable level.  I asked my 6’ tall husband to take it for a test drive.  He didn’t spend the hours with it that I have, but the fit seemed to work for him as well.  The Levitator can be ordered in 3 different heights, 8”, 12” and 14”, to fit your body and your desk, and comes in 4 color combinations; Spring, Bluebird, Clementine and Mint.


The first day I used it for about four hours.  By that time, my feet needed a rest as I was not used to standing so much.  Day two, I was in and out of the office and the standing position felt more natural. On day three at the Levitator desk, besides tapping my feet, stretching and general wiggling, I danced a little.


It didn’t take me very long to forget I was standing.  Yesterday I was standing at my desk, writing, when the doorbell rang. I was a little surprised to realize I didn’t have to stand up to go answer the door. Not that the act of standing up is that big of a bother, it’s just a little different. I’d really forgotten that I was standing.

My Levitator desk is already a favorite.  It’s like having a translucent Mondrian painting under my keyboard!  I suppose I could build a similar structure out of plywood for a lot less money, and it would hold my keyboard and mouse the same.  But my environment is important to me. I like to have beautiful things around. The Levitator stand up desk is beautiful, functional and healthy.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Levitator. Please visit their site for more info and their etsy store to order.


Product Information

Price:$215 - $230
  • A desk.
  • The desire to stand rather than sit while working.
  • Working standing up is surprisingly awesome.
  • It’s beautiful
  • Zero configuration
  • Healthier that sitting
  • A bit pricey, but considering the health benefits I think it’s worth it.

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  2. I’ve made desks and tables like these using parts you can buy from searching “80/20”. You could then order custom cut plexiglass from a large number of suppliers. I wish they could find a different supplier of the plastic joints that could dye the part so that it matches the look of silver aluminum better. I’ve considered spray painting the plastic.

    Having said that, the design and fabrication (cutting) from the pics look pretty good from this company. Getting good straight smooth cuts with aluminum tubing isn’t the easiest DIY project.

    1. We find that a CO2 laser is helpful with cutting/engraving Plexiglas and for making complex logos on aluminum. Good point about matching plastic joints! We even played with the idea of 3D printing, but would be worried about insufficient mechanical strength…

  3. Thanks Pace. You make a good point, I do have to look downward a little more than I’d like. The shelf above my monitors is a bit of a limitation. Plus, I’m strongly considering moving to the iMac, I’m bending under family pressure and expect to cave soon, so I don’t want to make much of a commitment to my current monitor situation.

  4. I agree with Pace, raise your monitor. Most of the recommendations are that the monitor should be just below eye level. For most people, that means the monitor should be about 6-12″ higher than the keyboard for best ergonomics (i.e. wrists horizontal, elbows at 90°; this applies if you’re sitting or standing).

    1. Absolutely! ​The ​idea behind ​LEVITATOR ​is to provide users with the flexibility to configure the workspace​ to meet the​ir needs in the office or the lab (LEGO® concept – will send related pics to Julie​.) Joyce can place her computer on the LEVITATOR-Professional, set the aux monitor on the LEVITATOR-Rise, and arrange it as convenient. (Joyce – please let me know if you’d like to try a Rise. Thanks!)

  5. I am so touched that you guys are concerned about my ergonomics! I saw the pictures you (Levitator) sent to Julie, but I’m not sure how the Rise could help me. I only have about 6 inches of wiggle room on my left monitor (3 inches of books & blocks underneath and 3″ open above) and about 5″ on the right monitor. Does the Levitator-Rise come in variable heights?
    Or should I bring the monitors out from under the shelf and up a full 12″?

    1. For the Rise you do need some free surface on your desk, a little more than 12″x12″, to place it next to the Professional. In terms of height there is more freedom – it can go as low as 8″ and still not loose its appearance/functionality, e.g. use of its shelf…

      BTW: http://www.levitator.io has its own Store too

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