Determine when your plants need water then automatically water them with the new PlantLink Lush

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About two years ago, I reviewed the PlantLink on the Gadgeteer. The PlantLink is a device that monitors the amount of moisture in the soil surrounding your plant(s). Based on this information, the PlantLink sends out a notification (push, email, or text) to advise you that it is time to water. The PlantLink consists of a wireless link device, which is inserted into the soil near the plant, that communicates with a base station. The base station, which is connected to your router, connects the link (or links) to the PlantLink website where all the data is collected. But wouldn’t it be nice to have the PlantLink use that data to automatically water your plants for you? Well, Oso Technologies has apparently developed the devices to do just that. They recently announced the upcoming sale of the new PlantLink Lush. This system includes their new and improved link that will not only communicate with the base station but will also communicate soil moisture data with their new PlantLink valve. The valve, which connects to a spigot, will automatically water your plants when necessary if you want it to. Or, if you prefer, you may set up a schedule for the valve or even turn it on manually using the new iOS and Android app. The app allows you to monitor your plants from anywhere and to see when the valve will be watering next. Each base station will support up to 64 links or valves. Oso Technologies will start taking pre-orders for the PlantLink Lush on May 1, 2016, and the devices will be available at the end of June. Please visit the PlantLink website for more information or to keep up-to-date with the PlantLink Lush.

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