Use the HERO pill dispenser to keep track of your meds



As a lot of us get older we tend to increase the number of pills we take every day, anything from simple vitamins and aspirin, to heart and blood pressure medications. Taking one medication a day is a simple thing, but what if you have multiple pills to take multiple times a day? Just the act of remembering to take all your pills every day can be a formidable task with your busy lifestyle. HERO, an automated pill dispenser, is designed to help you with your medication distribution. HERO is a smart pill dispenser that not only dispenses your pills but reminds you to take them. The HERO can hold up to 10 different pills and will remind you if you are running low on pills. Once loaded all you have to do is push a button to have your pills dispensed. You can even set up the HERO for multiple users. With the included smartphone app you can track the HEROs use. The HERO is available from the HERO website for $499.

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