Bring order to the chaos of your Chrome bookmarks with the SuperSorter extension


In the past, I had so many Chrome bookmarks that when I went to search for a particular bookmarked web page at a later date, I had great difficulty finding it again and would sometimes have to perform another Google search. My bookmark chaos was so frustrating that it drove me to hunt for a solution to this mess since Chrome did not provide a way to organize them without having to use the Bookmark manager. I stumbled upon the SuperSorter Chrome extension and since then, I’ve never looked back. With SuperSorter, you can choose to sort your bookmarks in alphabetical order automatically (beware – you cannot undo this operation), organize folders before bookmarks, delete empty folders, merge neighboring folders with the same name, delete duplicate bookmarks within each folder, use case-sensitive name comparisons, and ignore the bookmarks bar when sorting. Even though I have more bookmarks than ever, I’m finally organized and can more easily find a specific one when necessary. I LOVE being organized! The SuperSorter extension is available from the Chrome Web Store.

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